have you ever wondered what would happen if rock & roll and corporate america had a love child? 

Hi There. I'm Dannie. 

I am a marketing expert, business strategist, author, educator, whip-smart whiskey drinker, tattoo hoarder, airplane flyer, aggressive food segregator, hotel pen collector, international speaker. Oh, and I also work at this little ol' place called Google.

You are a passionate creator, a fierce wanderer, someone who chases your dreams with all your might. You seek out challenges if only to surmount them and you find yourself being grateful for every single day.

Here’s What I Do: 

Simplify your life and business.

Strategize by creating a rock solid and customized systems atlas that maps out your business plan, adds value to your clients' lives, and builds your reputation.

Monetize your passion, helping to make you shit tons of the stuff we love… money. 

In other words, simplify + strategize = #allthemoney. Yes, please. 

Here’s Why I’m Good:

I’m a child of paradox; if rock n’ roll and corporate America had a one night stand… 


Look closely - the world is fascinated and captivated by people, things, and situations contradictory in nature - heck, sweet n’ sour has its very own aisle! I’ll take you where tattoos and whiskey get down with business suits and board meetings; you get the best of both worlds when working with me and my roller-derby-business-acumen.

Let’s marry your passion to a sensible, responsible, and reliable partner and watch the synergy explode.

Here’s How I Do It:

My work history and background created a monster - like Frankenstein but smart, socially aware, and sexy. 

My smorgasbord of experience has produced award winning marketing campaigns, huge economic and social growth for top-level brands, and a slew of ecstatically satisfied industry leaders and top-rated professionals. (Don't believe me? Check this out.)

I’m pretty much the boss. I harness the full power of Corporate Me, text Rock n’ Roll to meet for drinks, and we get down to fucking biz-nass. 

Dannie Fountain

personal meets professional

I’m a Digital Nomad: travel is my obsession and history, my greatest inspiration, propels me forward from city to city.

What this means for you? I carry a worldly perspective and bring dimension and depth to the work we do together. Also, I might be in Budapest when we Skype, so don’t get mad if I’ve got goulash on my face. 

Wait. Uhhh. I used to be a digital nomad. In September of 2017, I started a job at Google in sales and marketing. (Let's be real though. I'm still galavanting around the globe as much as humanly possible, mostly via speaking engagements!)

I’m brave: I’ve been to more than 30 countries, survived 4 near-misses with terrorist attacks, and refused to let fear or danger keep me from exploring our global community. I advocate for social justice and believe in collaboration over competition. My money's where my mouth is too - I'm the Rising Tide Society Creative Council Chair and I've collaborated with a host of mega-talented entrepreneurs.

What this means for you? I’ll nudge you to the edge and help you jump as we consider upleveling your strategy. I’ll lead you into foreign territory and show you the lay of the land when you find yourself floundering or fearful. I’ll guide you and show you that being brave is a choice you can make. Also, I’ve eaten live squid so you know I’ve got some serious lady-balls.

I’m an industry leader in paradoxology: I’m a rock in my values but my mind is open. I say what I mean and mean what I say but endeavor to be gentle. I can be hard and fierce but soft and in love - fuck with me and we’re not going to get along, but be you a kindred, I’ve got your back. For life. I have a burning love for #allthemoney but live very minimally.  

What this means for you? You’re dealing with a straight-shooting, kind-hearted, and extraordinarily savvy woman who gets shit done with stellar results. Also, I have 18 tattoos, but that’s just for funsies. 

Me As It Pertains To You

What’s not to love? An open-minded, whiskey-swilling, money-cultivator who collects passport stamps like some people collect dust bunnies? A creative creature with a business mind and expressive soul?

You and me? We got this. You’re on a journey, I’m a seasoned adventurer - it’s a match made in heaven. 

Want some proof? Head on over to my Past Work page and see my supremely supreme stats. 

So… what’s next? You have a business you love. I have strategies that work.

Take off your shoes, get comfy...welcome to my world. It's a place where business meets pleasure and unconventional alchemy yields magic beyond what you thought was possible. Let’s get you grown, monetize the shit outta that business you love, and make some waves in the world. 



a zest
for life.
a passion for
a desire to
be original.
a heart for