Marketing Strategy Template Bundle

Marketing Strategy Template Bundle


Download my two favorite templates for planning out marketing strategy! This bundle includes: 

  • Annual Marketing Strategy Template. Plan out your 2017 marketing strategy using this complete guide that walks you step by step through achieving your goals and getting paid! You'll be able to plan out your strategy for the full year, each quarter, and each month. You'll then be able to see what needs to be completed when and either assign the tasks to your team or plan them out to complete yourself. 
  • Launch Marketing Strategy Template. This template is the exact template I use when launching new products or services. Based on your ideal launch date, you'll be able to work backwards to determine what needs to be accomplished when and what you'll need to do to make sure your launch is a huge success!

With these two templates, you'll be able to plan out all of your 2017 marketing all in one easy place.

What others have had to say about my marketing strategy work: 

"Before working with Dannie, I wasn't sure how to effectively lay out a joint-venture launch with other partners. Launching seemed very overwhelming. After just 2 meetings with Dannie and all of her organization tools, we were able to put together a very cohesive plan. We have a much better plan of attack to launch than if we had pieced it all together ourselves." - Brittany Griggs, Simply for Creatives 

"With all the projects that I’m doing and deadlines that have needed to be met, Dannie's organization skills have helped keep me on track and get clear on what I needed in the order to help roll out the projects in a timely fashion while stay on point. Not having to worry about those things has been huge for me so I can do the things that I do best and know that everything else is getting done too!" - Jen Ryan, Success and Life Balance Coach

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