welcome to my mailbox.

It's  hard to get mail when you're a digital nomad, which is why this contact page is the best place to get in touch! If you're hoping to...

  • extend an invitation for me to speak at your event
  • invite me to contribute to your project, such as guest blogging, podcasting, or any other idea your crazy-talented brain can come up with
  • hire me to craft some kick ass strategy 
  • ask me for a whiskey recommendation or a cool place to travel to

...then you've come to the right place! send me a note and you'll hear back from me within 1-2 business days.


STRATEGY: I currently offer mini strategy sessions as well as a comprehensive set of strategy packages to help you plan your next launch or build a marketing plan. I'm happy to chat about what your goals are and what the most strategic solution might be!

BRANDS: One of the best parts about being a nomad is getting to work with awesome brands like you! Shoot me an email, I'd love to chat about how we could collaborate. 

WHAT'S A NOMAD? Great question! For the year of 2017, I don't have a permanent home address. I'm traveling the world (visiting clients, speaking at conferences, and exploring our global community) and my home is wherever my suitcase happens to be. I'm equipped to handle your business needs even if your standard office hours don't match up with mine.

CONTACT FORM TROUBLES? Email me at info [at] danniefountain [dot] com.

MORE? For more answers, visit the FAQs.

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