You need an experienced speaker for your next event - someone flexible, educational, but most of all, entertaining. I'm excited to be someone you're considering! This page lays out all the information you might need from me as you're working through planning your event and selecting speakers. 

who am i? 

Simply put, I'm a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I earned my "business stripes" working in marketing for brands like Whirlpool and today, I work in sales and marketing for Google. When I'm not at work for the #1 Best Company to Work For (aka the Corporate Disneyland), I am collaborating with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic plans and processes to better their business and increase their sales. 

I'm also a multipassionate human (who isn't?). Beyond working in marketing and strategy, I'm also an author, educator, digital nomad, and whip-smart whiskey drinker. I wrote The Side Hustle GalThe Bucketlist Babe, and One Honest Woman (and also co-wrote Big Plan for the Creative Mind).

I know you need to know my credentials too - I'm a regular guest contributor and speaker on business strategy worldwide. Beyond my speaking experience, my work (and the work of teams I've been a part of in my corporate and entrepreneurial careers) has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, CASE, the North American Excellence Awards, the American Advertising Awards, the Shorty Awards, and D&AD Impact White PencilThe same work has been featured in Advertising Age,  Adweek, Forbes, Holstee Magazine, Belong Magazine, and more.

Does education matter to you?  If it does, here's mine. I have a Bachelor's in Media & Marketing Management from Albion College, a Master's in Human Resource Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, and am currently working on a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. You can even read my Bachelor's Thesis (on tattoos in the workplace) and Master's Thesis (on the importance of Employee Resource Groups) online if you're feeling especially nerdy. 

what can you expect?

As an event organizer, you're being pulled in a hundred different directions. Finding your speakers shouldn't be the biggest headache on that list. It's my goal to to provide an enjoyable experience for your audience but also for you! Here is what you can expect:

  • A Great Presentation Experience: My first priority is delivering content that is easy to understand and entertaining, but most of all - actionable. I assign homework at the end of every presentation I give and offer audience members the opportunity to email me 1:1 to get feedback on the work they produce.

  • A Great Pre & Post Experience Too: Planning an event can be stressful and involves a lot of moving parts. It's my goal to make coordinating presentations and selling tickets as simple as possible pre-event. I'm also always happy to follow up with you post-event to aid where possible in post-conference promotion.


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10 Steps to a Consistent Annual Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of the "feast and famine" roller coaster most entrepreneurs experience? Planning your marketing strategy *en masse* is the key to a consistent brand presence and a consistent sales cycle. This session will walk you through the ten core steps to an annual marketing strategy, setting you up to head into the next quarter or year with a clear plan for consistency with your cash and clients that connects all the pieces of your brand.


Pivoting with Purpose

As the "original" Side Hustle Gal and author of the Side Hustle Gal book series, I've seen and done it all - part time, full time, triple time entrepreneurship. Today I work at Google while also running a business and speaking at conferences all over the globe.There is no one right entrepreneurship path, understand how to craft the path that's right for you. We'll explore my journey from side hustler to full time back to side hustler and talk about how to plan for pivots in business - even the unexpected ones.

Topics currently in workshop can be found here.

past presentations

these are presentations that I have given at conferences in the past. please get in touch if you're interested in these topics.

  • Small Time, Big Leagues: How working with big brands can benefit your small business.

  • Empowering Individuals to Lead from Below

  • Taking the Scary out of SEO & Google Analytics

  • Realistic Passive Income Solutions

  • Pitch Perfect: How to structure your brand and sponsorship pitches

past presentations have taken place at:


  • "Everyone has RAVED about your workshop! Thank you for giving so much of you!”

  • "I put your presentation as the most helpful one at the summit and you as my favorite speaker in the survey."

  • "I so enjoyed your presentation, it was One of the best of the conference!

  • I wasn’t even mad that the room was so packed I had to sit on the floor to enjoy it!"

  • I learned everything I needed to learn at this summit from your workshop.”

  • "Dannie Lynn Fountain provided the motivational anchor my conference needed."

  • "Her no fluff, actionable approach was everything."

  • "Dannie is the perfect blend of engaging, articulate, and vulnerable."

  • "Having Dannie [as] a part of my event was one of the best choices I made."

  • “Slay girl, slay! The content was so relevant and powerful. Easily the best presentation of the entire conference!”

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100-Word Bio: Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing strategist and whip-smart whiskey drinker currently working at Google. She has ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. Today, she works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic marketing processes to better their business and increase their sales, with a focus on passionate storytelling. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of four books on entrepreneurship and a regular speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship worldwide. Work she's been involved with has been recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, Forbes, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, and more.



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