You need an experienced speaker for your next event - someone flexible, educational, but most of all, entertaining. I'm excited to be someone you're considering! This page lays out all the information you'll need as you're working through planning your event and selecting speakers. 

who am i? 

Simply put, I'm a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I earned my "business stripes" working in marketing for brands like Whirlpool and today, I work in sales and marketing for Google. When I'm not at work for the #1 Best Company to Work For, I am collaborating with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic plans and processes to better their business and increase their sales. 

I'm also a multipassionate human (who isn't?). Beyond working in marketing and strategy, I'm also an author, educator, digital nomad, and whip-smart whiskey drinker. I wrote The Side Hustle Gal and The Bucketlist Babe, co-wrote Big Plan for the Creative Mind, and have an additional book forthcoming - One Honest Woman. You can even read my Bachelor's Thesis (on tattoos in the workplace) and Master's Thesis (on the importance of Employee Resource Groups) online. 

I'm involved in our entrepreneurial community, because that's the only way to understand how we can improve. I currently serve as: 

I know you need to know my credentials too - I'm a regular guest contributor and speaker on business strategy worldwide. Beyond my speaking experience, my work (and the work of teams I've been a part of in my corporate and entrepreneurial careers) has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, CASE, the North American Excellence Awards, the American Advertising Awards, the Shorty Awards, and D&AD Impact White Pencil The same work has been featured in Advertising Age,  Adweek, Forbes, Holstee Magazine, Belong Magazine, and more.

+ Collaborative Projects

Styled Marketing Course (September 2016) with Rosemary Watson | Productions, TwigyPosts, and Copper Kettle Co.

Self Made Babe Podcast (February 2017) with Lola Gilbert of The Babetown Collective.

The Seller Society (March 2017) with Rosemary Watson | Productions and TwigyPosts

One Day Biz & Brand Strategy Workshop (May 2017) with the Chykalophia Group

Big Brand Biz Sessions (May 2017) with Lish Creative

Big Plan for the Creative Mind (October 2017) with Reina & Co.

Side Hustle Gal Podcast (November 2017) with Caitlyn Allen

Camp Launch (Fall 2018) with Rosemary Watson | Productions and TwigyPosts

+ Education

Master of Science, Human Resource Management (Indiana Wesleyan University)

Bachelor of Arts, Media and Marketing Management (Albion College)

International Entrepreneurship Program (Sup de Vente, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France)

what can you expect?

As an event organizer, you're being pulled in a hundred different directions. Finding your speakers shouldn't be the biggest headache on that list. It's my goal to to provide an enjoyable experience for your audience but also for you! Here is what you can expect:

  • A Great Presentation Experience: My first priority is delivering content that is easy to understand and entertaining, but most of all - actionable. I assign homework at the end of every presentation I give and offer audience members the opportunity to email me 1:1 to get feedback on the work they produce.
  • A Great Pre & Post Experience Too:  Planning an event can be stressful and involves a lot of moving parts. It's my goal to make coordinating presentations and selling tickets as simple as possible pre-event. I'm also always happy to follow up with you post-event to aid where possible in post-conference promotion.


in order of popularity with conference organizers.

+ 10 Steps to a Consistent Annual Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of the "feast and famine" roller coaster most entrepreneurs experience? Planning your marketing strategy en masse is the key to a consistent brand presence and a consistent sales cycle. This session will walk you through the 10 core steps to an annual marketing strategy, setting you up to head into the next quarter or year with a clear plan for consistency with your cash and clients. The strategy will connect all the pieces of your brand and is designed to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are consistent and customer-centered. You'll leave having:

  • identified your future-state business goals,
  • crafted a cross-platform marketing strategy,
  • feeling prepared for seamless execution through your business.

+ Small Time, Big Leagues: How Working With Big Brands Can Benefit Your Small Business.

Working with corporate clients may not be your current goal, but there are clear benefits to creating those relationships. This session will address my journey through working with corporate clients and what it did for my business and will also teach you how to seek out brand partnerships that would enhance your brand and serve as additional marketing for your business. You'll learn how to leverage those relationships to grow your own business and improve the experience you provide your private clients.

+ Empowering Individuals to Lead from Below.

Servant Leadership is perhaps the most powerful form of dynamic change making possible. As an entrepreneur, you have the power to make an impact regardless of your business level, years of experience, or positions of power. We'll work together to uncover the ROI of Human Capital and how to equip and empower yourself (and members of your team), uncovering ways you can be engaged and participate actively in enacting meaningful change even if you don't hold a leadership role. We'll examine the tactics used by corporations to keep their individual contributors engaged and motivated and identify the parallels that allow us to use similar tactics to keep ourselves and our groups or teams equally engaged and motivated.

in development

please get in touch if you're interested in these presentations.

+ There's No One Right Entrepreneurship Path

As the "original" Side Hustle Gal and author of the Side Hustle Gal book series, I've seen it all - part time, full time, triple time entrepreneurship. I've run a business full time and run a business while also working in corporate and getting a Master's degree. I've left the corporate world to go full time and interviewed to leave entrepreneurship and go corporate again. There is no one right entrepreneurship path and this talk will walk you through crafting the path that's right for you. Beyond that, let's talk about creating defined strategies for sharing your story to increase visibility and leverage that experience for appropriate PR placements.


+ Past Engagements

VenturePOP Conference (September 2017, New Orleans LA)

Creative at Heart Conference (August 2017) Panelist

Fear Paradox Summit (July 2017) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs; panelist on Double Black Diamonds: Conquering the Fears of Leadership

Creative Women's Conversations (July 2017) Speed Mentoring Host

Selling with Generosity Workshop (June 2017)

Email Marketing Summit (June 2017)

ACE Conference (June 2017, Phoenix AZ)

Creative Women's Conversations (May 2017) Small Time, Big Leagues

Creative Hub Conference (May 2017) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

One Day Biz & Brand Strategy Workshop (May 2017) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Women's Business Lakeside Conference (March 2017) Marketing Panel & Book Signing Event

Reset Conference (March 2017, Two Presentations) Integrated Marketing for Photographers Small Time, Big Leagues

The Babetown Collective Retreat (February/March 2017) Integrated Marketing for Photographers (Presenting on Feb 28th and again on Mar 9th)

Together Experience (February 2017, Two Presentations) Taking the Scary out of SEO & Google Analytics; Realistic Passive Income Solutions

RTS Leaders' Retreat (January 2017, Two Presentations) Empowering Individuals to Lead from Below; Diversity + Inclusivity Panel

Identite Collective Workshop (January 2017, Two Presentations) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs; The Importance of Entrepreneurial Community

Midwest Meetup (November 2016) Event Sponsor + Mini Speaker, The Side Hustle Gal

Creative Women's Conversations (September 2016) Pitch Perfect

Olivet Leadership Conference (2013) Make LinkedIn Work for You

North Central Region 4-H Forum (2011) Leadership Matters

Civil Air Patrol MIWG Conference (2009) Why Leadership as a Youth Matters

+ Conferences I've attended

Create + Cultivate (2015/2016)

The Savvy Experience (2016)

Inspired Retreat (2016)

Midwest Meetup (2016)

Creative at Heart (2016)

Illume Retreat (2017)

+ Upcoming Engagements

Curvy Girl Conference (October 2017, Chicago)

EmpoWEred Planners Conference (October 2017, Columbus OH, two presentations) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs + Empowering Individuals to Lead from Below

Association of Bridal Consultants Annual World of Weddings Conference (November 4-8, 2017), 10 Steps to a Consistent Annual Marketing Strategy

Reset Conference (April 2018, Indianapolis, IN)

Boss Rising (May 2018, Chicago IL) Integrated Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

+ Speaking Engagement Testimonials

“Dannie is a captivating speaker who engages all in the room when she shares. Her warm, genuine presentation style is expertly paired with actionable content, making for a presentation that’s equally enjoyable and applicable to your business! From her delightful anecdotes to her no-fluff talking points, Dannie’s presentation on Empowering Individuals to Lead From Below was truly helpful.” — Bonnie Bakhtiari (Illume Retreat Founder), Attendee, Rising Tide Society Leaders' Retreat

“It was SO wonderful getting to know you a little better at the retreat this week and hearing your talk in front of the group, girl you’re a natural!” — Laura Hernandez (Laura + Rachel Photography), Attendee, Rising Tide Society Leaders' Retreat

“Dannie Lynn Fountain provided the motivational anchor my conference needed. She instantly reengaged the attendees in at the end of a long day and ignited their passion and creativity. Dannie’s expertise in the corporate world translated so seamlessly in an entrepreneurial atmosphere - every guest in attendance has referenced back to Dannie’s incredible keynote and actionable strategy sessions. She was the highlight of the event and I can’t wait to have her back.” — Anastasia Casey, Founder, IDCO Workshop

“I had the best time at today’s meeting! Dannie was very well versed in what she does and really got everyone thinking. I took away a lot of great information. The women there were inviting and open to communication and learning and I made some great new friends. I can’t wait for the next one!” — Sharokina Pazand (Citygirl Events), Attendee, Creative Women's Conversations

“You made a scary topic (SEO) not so scary and showed people the benefits of doing it. Bravo! You’re incredibly engaging, you tell great stories and make even dry topics super fun to be paying attention to. You gave step by step help on how to make something better.” — Reina Pomeroy (Reina + Co), Speaker, Together Experience

Dannie's talk was my favorite! SEO is such a buzz word in the creative industry. So many people offer to teach it, but Dannie broke it down in a way I could understand. Her no fluff, actionable approach was everything. I have never been so excited to work on homework! I started to update my site with her tips immediately! I know I will continue to see results in my business thanks to Dannie! - Ruth Pitt (Raise the Ruth Events), Speaker, Together Experience

Dannie has a wonderful energy and seems approachable even when speaking to a large group. She's engaging, funny, and easy to understand, even on more complex topics.After she spoke at The Together Experience, someone in the audience was struggling to implement a few of the points we'd talked about, so Dannie hopped on her laptop and showed her exactly how to get set up. Her presentation had a very actionable, workshop-style feel, and definitely stood out as one of the highlights of the conference. - Samantha Johnson (Covelle), Attendee, Together Experience

“Dannie is the perfect blend of engaging, articulate, and vulnerable. Her talk takes you on a journey that leaves you wishing the presentation would go on for hours. Prepare to learn a lot and laugh a lot more!”— Natalie Franke, Founder, Rising Tide Society

“Dannie is not only an engaging speaker, but also incredibly talented! She’s able to lead intimate discussions as well as command the room when speaking for a crowd. She kept us laughing while also educating us on how to lead well in our communities! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her share! I also particularly loved hearing her experiences from her early days of first job, fast-food employment, and how that shaped the way she works and leads today!”— Lauren Carnes (Lauren Carnes Photography), Attendee, Rising Tide Society Leaders' Retreat

“Dannie has a knack for engaging audiences by sharing her real life examples of how to solve tough marketing problems. I love hearing how she has worked with others to create marketing strategies that work. Dannie makes things super easy to understand and provides her listeners with actionable steps they can implement in their own businesses - no matter how big or small. She’s friendly, helpful, and supportive.”— Tyler J McCall (Instagram Marketing Expert), Presenter, IDCO Workshop

"Having Dannie apart of my first event for Together: A Bosslady Experience in Portland, OR was one of the best choices I made. Not only was she informative on her talk about SEO/Google Analytics to a group of non-technical business owners wanting to improve their businesses online presence but she had a way of making it fun and understandable to even the least experienced internet users. She gave amazing tips, and during the 3 days of our event was so helpful and encouraging to everyone there. Dannie is such an amazing bosslady and kicks serious ass when it comes to her knowledge and level of professionalism and just genuine awesomeness. Everyone loved her talk and felt so empowered to take their notes to action. I can’t wait to have Dannie back for another conference." — Devan McCabe (Founder) Together: A Bosslady Community

“After your speaking session, I felt optimistic and less overwhelmed about approaching my marketing plan. Your knowledge base and no bullshit approach is very refreshing and engaged me immediately! Afterwards, I changed the consistency of my branding voice immediately. Ironically by focusing on five main topics, I have increased engagement across my social media channels.” — Kathy Austin (Growth Strategist), Speaker, Lakeside Business Conference

“I've had the opportunity to watch Dannie speak multiple times at in-person events as well as through virtual events. And through both mediums she always kills it. She shares in-depth information about the topic that she's covering and really quick tips, as well as actionable items that you can do to improve your business around digital marketing. I always recommend for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to attend an event where she'll be speaking. Because once you do, you'll be confident and inspired from her talk and session about digital marketing.” — Ari Krzyzek (Founder, Chykalophia), Speaker, Fear Paradox Summit

+ Digital Guest Expert

Babetown Coterie Webinar: From Side Hustle to Full Time (2017)

The Side Hustle Starter Kit (2017)

Savvy Boss Talk (2017)

Speaker Blueprint (2017)

Rising Tide Society RISE Summit (April 2017) Mind Body Connection

Small Business Sisterhood Podcast (March 2017)

Digital Boss Roundtable (February 2017) Roundtable hosted by Nevica Vasquez on all things marketing.

Bosses & Booze Podcast (February 2017)

Creative Empire Podcast (January 2017)

Influential Gal Podcast (October 2016) Wanderlust + Authenticity

Blazing Creative (October 2016) Featured The Side Hustle Gal


100-word bio

Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing strategist and whip-smart whiskey drinker. Currently working at Google, Dannie honed her skills working in marketing for brands such as Whirlpool and H&R Block. She has a combined 9 years experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. Today, she works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic marketing processes to better their business and increase their sales. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of four books on entrepreneurship and a regular speaker on strategy worldwide. Her work has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, and more.

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