The Who Does The What
According To The How

(strategy, baby!)


Look, all I’m saying is that if The Who (that’s me, Dannie) does The What (teaches your biz to crowd-surf) according to The How (my sweet-ass strategies), there will be money in your very near future.

You hate this part, don’t you? Logistics are a real asshole but if you want to be the BOSS of something that works, it has to be done. Raw talent, amazing products or services, and an explosive vision aren’t always enough when you’re ready to grow the fuck up.

It’s time for a strategic marketing campaign that makes as much sense as your very own hands. Something that fits, something that’s natural, and something that you use with little to no thought at all because it’s an extension of who you are and how you function.

And let’s not forget the clients. It’s always been about the clients and it’ll always be about the clients.

Make the clients know they need you.

So… whadderwedoing? Whatever it is, I hope it involves sorcery. Or unicorns…

Magic aside, know this: The very best marketing campaigns and business strategies should make you feel like you’re reading an Ikea instruction manual in Chinese, AKA easy, and fun…

Um… no.

Seriously, if someone presents you with a bajillion-point plan written in fancy-shmancy, BAIL. Run like the wind from that gobbledygook.

It doesn’t have to be hard
and I’ll show you how.

Your marketing will meet your ideal clients right where they are, so you become part of their lives in a way that’s natural and genuine… sort of similar to how you always swore you’d never let a dog sleep on your bed, but somehow, that furry bastard you rescued last summer is hogging your pillow.

Investing in you will simply be the next step in their process, and all without a weird salesy slime-vibe…like that time you bought that magazine subscription because a guy came to your door and you lost 17 hours of your life.

They’ll never know that behind the scenes lies a well-researched (yet simple and efficient) integrated marketing campaign full of strategies to build brand awareness and increase sales…like that time you camped out overnight on a dirty cement sidewalk to be the first one to have this cool phone that had you at ‘HELLO’.

And the really beautiful part? It won’t add to your workload one bit…like that time you bought a Flowbee to take control of your own hair-styling needs. (Don’t know what a Flowbee is? Google it, you’ll thank me.)

Put down the Flowbee and back away… Let’s talk shop

So, tell me, Nancy… what can I get you?

i'll have a strategy, please


Crafting a marketing strategy means different things to each business owner but there are three core pillars that never change. As a business owner, you need to increase sales, increase awareness, and manage both with ease. We'll work together to cover your fundamental marketing needs.

We work on marketing from a "big picture" perspective, also known as integrated marketing. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for your ideal client to interact with your brand. This process is designed to ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer. 

If you're ready for someone to take the stress and anxiety out of marketing and help you get clear on how to increase sales and awareness, let's chat! My marketing strategy package takes three months to complete (taking you through the four phases below) and my average client investment (dependent on specific client needs) is $3,000 over that period.

+ Phase One - The Audit

We go through your existing marketing efforts together, looking at numbers (qualitative results) and the content itself (quantitative inputs) to see where you’re at and set a baseline for our time together.

  • Initial Goal Setting Meeting + Homework
  • Comprehensive Audit Preparation
  • Audit Walk-Through Meeting
  • Introduction to Core Marketing Concepts

+ Phase Two - The Strategy

This is when we dive deep and begin to marry your goals and your existing efforts, determining what additional steps need to be taken and what systems need to be implemented. This is the truly custom part of our time together, as there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

  • Strategy Architecture
  • Strategy Review Meeting
  • Strategy Build-Out

+ Phase Three - The Implementation

This is when we work together to begin preliminary implementation, train you/your team on any applicable systems, and double check the strategy against your goals.

  • Implementation Training
  • Maintenance Review
  • Implementation Begins!

+ Post-Project Support

I don’t want to hand you a strategy and walk away, it’s critical to me that you feel supported through implementation and as you enter the maintenance phase. As a result, we’ll schedule two calls for 30 and 60 days after you’ve begun implementation. Each call will last an hour and will give us a chance to look at everything you’re doing together. If there are any gaps or things that need to be course corrected, we’ll be able to make those changes live-time!

launch strategy

Are you thinking about launching a new product or service? Are you scared that "if you build it, they will come" doesn't actually apply in the real world? The reality is that if you have an incredible service or product but nobody knows about it, nobody is going to buy it. Let's make sure that you have a plan to get the word out so that you can sell the awesome thing you've created! 

This package is specifically for focusing in on what needs to be accomplished to have a successful launch and is perfect for service based businesses launching new products (like a book or e-course) or services (like a group coaching program).

If you're ready for someone to take the stress and anxiety out of marketing and help you get clear on how to increase sales and awareness, let's chat! My launch strategy package takes three months to complete (taking you through the four phases below) and my average client investment (dependent on specific client needs) is $3,000 over that period.

+ Phase One - The Prep Work

We start with an hour long meeting where you tell me a bit more about your goals, things you want to accomplish, and where you want to go next. If you don't have goals yet, we'll work on setting them together. I'll also dive in and see what marketing activities you have been trying and what success those activities have derived for you.

+ Phase Two - The Plan

Think of your marketing and PR as taking a trip somewhere. It's more than just where you want to go (the launch), but it's also to identify how you'll get there, what you need to pack in your suitcase, and everything in between. Once we've completed all the prep work, I'll dive in and start crafting the high level strategy that we'll use to accomplish your launch goals.

+ Phase Three - Alignment

Once I complete the high level strategy, we'll regroup for another hour long meeting and walk through everything that I've laid out and everything I found when auditing existing activities. We'll discuss tweaks, what implementation looks like, and where to go from here.

+ Phase Four - Execution

If you've hired me on a retainer, this is where I'll take over and start executing everything we've discussed. If you've hired me to just craft the strategy, I'll provide a guide to get you started (think: step by step checklist) that will help you hold yourself accountable to take action.

+ In Summary

You walk away with:

  • An initial Goal Setting Meeting / Homework;
  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Calls;
  • A Comprehensive Written Strategy;
  • A Comprehensive Timeline (what to execute when);
  • An introduction to core marketing and PR concepts;
  • Press release writing, editing, and submission;
  • A One-Hour Training with the responsible execution party (if you're not hiring me on retainer);
  • Specific details on what to do for Email Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, etc.

Finally, we'll reconnect for 30 Day and 60 Day After Action Calls to make sure everything's going okay!



Not ready to dive into a full strategy package yet? Take a bite size approach to strategy with my mini strategy session:


Pass the wings and scoot over. Consider this the appetizer before the big meal. Work with me 1:1 to get answers about your burning business questions and walk away with a high level strategy and tips to get you started. And for the love of all things holy, wipe the ranch off your face. 

  • 1-hour strategy session live via video call / phone (you choose) recorded for you to watch again as needed #causeyoullforget

  • Free access to the strategy templates I use with all of my clients #hellsyes

  • Follow up email (within 48 hours of our call) that includes my notes and a high level strategy based on what we discussed on the call #damnskippy

  • Email support for two weeks after the call to answer any questions you have as you begin to take action #passthehotsauce


Ready to order?

Whatever you choose, I’ll meet you where you are and give you something that makes sense for you and your business.

Need to increase your sales and visibility? Good! Let’s do it.

Putting something new out into the world? Great! Let’s launch!

It’s all about having The How, and when The Who is a righteous babe that knows The What better than she knows her own address…you know you’ve come to the right business strategist and marketing expert.