Launch Strategy

Launch Strategy


Break down your launch step by step to make sure that it succeeds and  hits the benchmarks and goals you've set. This strategy template walks you through my tested launch process. 

When I'm planning out any upcoming launch, I break it down into three main sections and six individual weeks. Here's my formula:

  • Sections: Pre-Launch > Launch > Post-Launch
  • Weeks: Two Pre-Launch > One Challenge > Two Launch > One Post-Launch

If I'm working on a smaller launch, I still use the same three sections, I just minimize the weeks to look more like this:

  • Weeks: One Pre-Launch > One Launch > One Post-Launch

The pre-launch period isn't something I really publicize. This is the time that I'm finalizing any details and dropping small hints about what's coming throughout social media / my email marketing. The challenge week is when I provide highly actionable free content to my followers and readers (like you!) so that they get exclusive content that pushes them towards achieving the goals my launch will help them accomplish on a larger scale (but I only do this for my bigger launches). The actual launch period is the traditional "open cart, close cart" period that we're seeing become more standardized across entrepreneurship. The post-launch is my evaluation and activation period - I share the results of the launch with the folks who signed up and do my own internal evaluation with my team to make sure things are tweaked to be better the next time we launch something!

Download the template to set up your own launch! 

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