welcome to your new strategy

I’m beyond excited by the potential of working together to craft a strategy that will take your business to new heights. Pass the wings and scoot over, because you just got a partner on this wild ride you call entrepreneurship! (And for the love of all things holy, wipe the ranch off your face.) Our time together is going to be a blast - you’ll walk away with a strategy of your choice that actually makes sense and the skills to make it happen.

To make sure we’re looking at the same map (because trust me, getting lost in Taiwan is absolutely no fun), you’ll find a few details below to help you along the way. The top half of this page has details applicable to all projects. The bottom half gets specific on your specific focus - SEO, integrated marketing, etc.

Always an adventure,

broad strokes

approach ideals

We recommend a three-prong approach to marketing. This approach will serve as the foundation for future marketing success and will be a strategy that your brand can iterate on as it continues to grow.

The three prongs that we’ll focus in on are (a) passionate storytelling, (b) natural connection points, and (c) organic brand extensions.

  • Passionate storytelling involves a renewed focus on crafting your north star and brand story, developing a message manager to serve as the root of our marketing initiatives, and crafting bite-size pieces of language that can spread across the internet as hashtags, “tweetables” or other lay-consumer points of contact.

  • Natural connection points involve identifying key points of the brand where consumers can engage and become brand evangelists - we don’t have the budget to treat everyone like an influencer, but we do have the heart to pull everyone in like family. Doing so will encourage lay consumers to spread the newly-articulated brand story like wildfire.

  • Organic brand extensions involve identifying logical intersections across industries for you to seamlessly integrate and become a pillar - this includes identifying secondary messaging for loosely affiliated consumers while also curating relationships with complimentary brands that those consumer demographics are passionate about.

success metrics

A project is nothing without success metrics. We’ll work together to clearly define what success looks like to us during the audit phase and those metrics will be amended and added to the contract as deliverables.

Terms + Conditions

Our formal terms and conditions are laid out in your client contract. However, these are the important ones we think you should be aware of while reviewing this preliminary information

  1. Minimum project commitment for marketing strategy work is 3 months, this is necessary to craft appropriate strategy and guide implementation. Ongoing marketing support after that is up to both parties.

  2. Minimum project commitment for SEO work is 45 days. Ongoing support and maintenance after that is up to both parties.

  3. We bill on a 50/50 method (50% upfront, 50%@30 days.) We then pre-bill monthly after that for ongoing work.

A Service Timeline will be provided to you via email within 48 hours of booking Please note: Any delays in materials requested from you will be matched 1:1 in delay of deadline.

the specifics

marketing strategy work

Crafting a marketing strategy means different things to each business owner but there are three core pillars that never change. As a business owner, you need to increase sales, increase awareness, and manage both with ease. During our time together, we’ll do just that.

  1. Phase 1 | The Audit: We go through your existing marketing efforts together, looking at numbers (qualitative results) and the content itself (quantitative inputs) to see where you’re at and set a baseline for our time together.

    1. Initial Goal Setting Meeting + Homework

    2. Comprehensive Audit Preparation

    3. Audit Walk-Through Meeting

    4. Introduction to Core Marketing Concepts

  2. Phase 2 | The Strategy: This is when we dive deep and begin to marry your goals and your existing efforts, determining what additional steps need to be taken and what systems need to be implemented. This is the truly custom part of our time together, as there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

    1. Strategy Architecture

    2. Strategy Review Meeting

    3. Strategy Build-Out

  3. Phase 3 | Implementation: This is when we work together to begin preliminary implementation, train you/your team on any applicable systems, and double check the strategy against your goals.

    1. Implementation Training

    2. Maintenance Review

    3. Implementation Begins!

seo work


Written SEO Strategy

  • Site / Post Direction

  • Pinterest Direction

  • Backlink (organic backlink outreach)

  • Search Console / other GPM updates

Instructions for Ongoing Maintenance (to be performed by the Client)

  • Keyword Research: Understand what is currently working / not working, Determine what we do want to rank for, Keyword research and implementation to align the two

On Page Improvements - example list


To provide the absolute best experience I can, it’s critical that we keep our project organized and easy to track. Here are the resources I will need. I cannot start working on your project until I have all of the items below.



  • List of preferred brand terms (basis for brand keyword research)

  • List of Tier 1/2 (also known as direct/indirect) competitors (basis for competitor keyword research)

  • List of industry specific terms I should know about (starting point for industry research)

things to know

This process only works when we work as a team. Here are a few tidbits that you’ll find helpful throughout our time together.

turbulence is expected

There might be a moment where you’re not happy with what’s going on. Maybe you’re unsure of where we’re at, you don’t feel good about a marketing tactic I’ve selected, or you have some other concern. The best way to make sure we’re maximizing our time together is notify me immediately if you have a concern. You wouldn’t want the flight crew on a plane to hide upcoming turbulence from you, right?

tattoos look best when you sit still

Marketing is often new territory for many of my clients. This means that there might be things you’ve never heard of or new terminology that scares you. Ask questions throughout the process, but also trust that I have your best interests at heart. It’s hard to give you a tattoo if you’re always fidgeting!

whiskey tastes good neat or on the rocks

There are different ways to implement the same thing. My process might not be your ideal process. If you want to go through the steps I provide in a different order (assuming they’ll produce the same end result), go for it! Just because I like my whiskey on the rocks doesn’t mean you can’t drink it neat.

don’t forget to smile

This process is also supposed to be fun! Enjoy the journey, savor the adventure, and smile for the photos.