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who i work with

and what we've accomplished together


I’m the proud mama of some pretty badass work-babies.

  • Folks I’ve worked with include: a WNBA champion looking to start a training business • Fortune 100 companies seeking to "shake up" their marketing tactics • A recruiting firm that places c-suite candidates at companies like Instacart & Hulu • Public (and private) school districts • Consultants, coaches, and strategists • Brand designers • Wedding Planners

  • While I was on the team, Whirlpool underwent a massive rebrand to the new "Every Day, Care" campaign. The new branding launched in late 2014 and received over 2 BILLION earned media impressions in the first six months. Impressions not good enough for you? That's okay. It also resulted in a 6.6% growth in sales (and 4pt. market share increase). Positive social media sentiment rose more than 600%. Purchase intent scores increased 10% from pre-campaign levels. That's MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in growth.

  • Teams I've been a part of have won awards like a Cannes Lion, the Effies, CASE, the North American Excellence Awards, the American Advertising Awards, the Shorty Awards, the Webbys, W3 Awards, D&AD Impact White Pencil, and more.

  • I’ve even assisted in the presentation and fulfillment of a display & giveaway on The Ellen Show.

characteristics of a good partnership:

Even though the type of industry I've worked with runs the gamut, there are a few things that have been consistent throughout. When clients come to me, it's because they're ready. They're often at least one of the following: 

a proven expert in their field • looking to make a pivot/shift/change • looking to differentiate from their industry

Or if they're not at least one of those things, they're seeking guidance on whether or not they should be one of those things.

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let’s talk specifics.

Here’s just a sample of my recent projects.


Kristin Haynie, WNBA Champion

Kristin was one of the most successful players in MSU history and in 2005, helped take the Spartans to the NCAA finals and the Monarchs to a WNBA title. She is the only player in history to have played in the NCAA finals and WNBA finals in the same year. Kristin then went on to play 7 years professionally before hanging up her shoes to coach. In 2017, Kristin was inducted into the MSU Hall of Fame.

Today she trains future champions privately while also consulting with coaches on team and game strategy. Kristin brought me in to help with website and marketing strategy.



TravelBank is the business travel & expense app that works for you. Their successful growth has been a tribute to the team’s hard work, but they brought me in as a third party to audit what was going on and create a marketing playbook of sorts.

Travel projects are always a hit, and on this one specifically I traveled alongside the TravelBank team and used the app to understand the customer journey. Then I broke down what was and wasn’t working and helped them outline a plan to get back on track.


Paul Berger, Next Plane to Anywhere

Paul is a hurricane insurance attorney turned digital nomad. He needed to learn all about the ‘gram and all things blogging - but he needed to be able to manage everything regardless of the wifi situation.

I leveraged my nomad experience and my own marketing experience to set him up with tools to manage his blog and Instagram simply, no matter what country he was sleeping in.


Leslie Wong, Burgundy Fox

Burgundy Fox is a subscription lingerie company that came to me for marketing strategy and pitch development support. They were preparing to pitch a few big opportunities and wanted to make sure they had everything buttoned up.

I was able to advise on the initial project, as well as provide some guidance for future marketing development. The best part? I ended up becoming a #FearlessFox and modeling for the brand’s initial website/social media content.


Jessica Rasdall, Public Speaking Strategist

Jessica is no stranger to press - she’s been on 2020, Katie Couric, MTV, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Seventeen Magazine, and so much more.

In 2015 when she transitioned to the creative entrepreneur space, she brought me in to tackle a brand new beast - online media in this digital world, including podcast interviews, online media features, and more.


Amy Nichols Special Events

Amy and I have been working together for 3+ years now as we work to manage marketing strategy for both ANSE and her second company, The Poppy Group.

In her own words: “Dannie came onboard at a particularly busy time as we were gearing up for two very complex weddings. She helped to keep me organized and focused, enabling me to be fully dedicated to my clients' celebrations. She has been a total lifesaver and we are now also using Dannie to help run our month-of wedding coordination company as well.”


Laura Sage, CH/LL Chicago

Laura and I met at a pivotal time in her career - she was working on launching a brick-and-mortar meditation and yoga venture, the first of it’s kind in Chicago. CH/LL believes in incense-free modern meditation, no-need-to-get-naked massage, thoughtfully curated retail, and a space designed for calm. Laura and I worked together on marketing for this brand new space!

In her own words: “I have so enjoyed getting to know Dannie. She is poised way beyond her years and is so responsive to our sporadic requests. I am so grateful to have her on our team. Thank you Dannie!”


collaboration is the name of the game

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredibly talented entrepreneurs recently. These are the results of those projects! Click below each image for more on that specific collaboration. I've also had a lot of questions about the work that Rosemary WatsonJana Bishop and I do together, head on over here for more specifically on our projects.

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