welcome to a new solution.


You're an incredible business owner and you excel at what you do. Your raw talent, passion, and heart for something special are the things that lead you to venture down this crazy path of entrepreneurship in the first place. You feel yourself pulled in many directions, wanting to explore your big ideas but also making sure that your current business obligations are executed with excellence too. The one thing you don't have time for? Learning how to write and implement a Marketing & PR strategy. All the numbers and the big spreadsheets full of annual plans scare you, but on some level you know that you need a plan if you're going to go to the next level. You're ready for a change...

...and I'm here to help!

Hi there! I'm Dannie and I'm the only marketing & PR strategist focused on fresh ideas and goals that really work for busy creative entrepreneurs who seek to never stop learning or exploring. My main priority is to ease your workload so you can build awareness and increase sales without having to give up doing what you love. Marketing and PR shouldn't be scary things that you avoid like the plague. You truly can have a plan for taking your business to the next level without all the added stress and it's easier than you think.