you can have a business strategy that doesn't require a phd to understand

(but if you have a phd, i think you're pretty badass too).


the why?

You’re here, but i want to know why.

I’ll tell you why I'm here… I’m here to work; to make money from a thing I created doing something I was born to do. I’m here because I love it and I’m here to help you.

the what?

You hear it all the time, but what does it really mean - “I’ll help you simplify your life and business?" Chances are, your business has grown (yay!) and leveled out (boo!) and you’re losing your damn mind trying to figure out what’s next. You need a plan, baby. Stop flailing around like a drunk frat boy and let’s get your shit on point.

the how?

I’ll tell you how - I live for this kind of thing. It’s what I do. It’s my why. You know those thingies called strategies? You need one that’s so on point even Cara Delevigne's brows will shudder. Remember those people called clients? Woo them and convince them you’re their one and only true love.

Let’s do ALL of it, and here’s how: I’ll create customized, rock solid strategies that add value to your clients' lives, build your reputation, and make you money. 


i'm dannie.
i'm the who.

full time nomad & serious whiskey aficionado

a rock n’ roll meets corporate kind of girl

smart as fuck & slayer of strategy


the when.

Now, dammit. Now’s the time to bring it.

Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful thing, but THE RISK! It’s enough to make you blow chunks in a violent sort of way. 

Listen, growing a business isn't about the money you invest -it's about the plans you put in place. Plans (which are completely useless unless you take some action) beget outcome and if the WHO does the WHAT according to the HOW, get ready for that chicken dinner, ‘cause this bitch is a winner. 

I’m a nomad at heart and understand that you can’t go on a stress-free vacation if you don't pick a place to see. Translation? You’ll end up in the back alley of a brothel in Taiwan if you’ve not marked The Marriott on your map. Also, your business will likely fail and you will definitely cry.

There’s no tears in baseball, so let’s get you positioned to succeed (and roll around in your piles of money). My main priority is to ease your workload (create strategy and implement systems) so you can build awareness (people want you or want to be you) and increase sales (roll in money) without having to give up doing what you love (hello free time). 

Marketing and business strategy shouldn't be scary things you avoid like that weird bout of the stomach flu I got in Thailand. You absolutely can have a plan that takes your business higher and farther without all the added stress and it's easier than you think with me at the helm. 

the proof?

I’m the proud mama of some pretty badass work-babies. Check it.

  • While I was on the team, Whirlpool underwent a massive rebrand to the new "Every Day, Care" campaign. The new branding launched in late 2014 and received over 2 BILLION earned media impressions in the first six months. 
  • Teams I've been a part of in my marketing career have submitted advertising work and won awards through Cannes, the Effies, CASE, the North American Excellence Awards, the American Advertising Awards, the Shorty Awards, the Webbys, W3 Awards, and D&AD Impact White Pencil
  • I helped the Mr. Kate team craft a street team strategy to (a) launch their A Hot Glue Gun Mess book, (b) increase sales of their BeautyMarks product, and (c) grow their YouTube channel from 500k to 1M subscribers.
  • If you're nerdy about numbers, consider this: that Whirlpool rebrand? It resulted in a 6.6% growth in sales (and 4pt. market share increase). Positive social media sentiment rose more than 600%. Purchase intent scores increased 10% from pre-campaign levels. That's MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in growth. 
  • I've crafted marketing strategies for $2B distribution companies, $5k hobbyist calligraphers and everything in between. I've also managed marketing and ad spend budgets of $1k and $10.9M.
  • I helped a WNBA champion (and Hall of Famer) pivot from basketball coach to full-time trainer cultivating winning players. 
  • I’ve even assisted in the presentation and fulfillment of a display & giveaway on The Ellen Show.

What’s this all mean to you? Even as I was working full time in Corporate America, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to the world of creative entrepreneurs and small business. I knew I wanted to use my experience and degrees in both marketing and human resources to support the dreams of entrepreneurs like you.

i don't just work, i give too.

  • 2012 Sleight Leadership Fellow (providing emerging leadership in Detroit’s economic recovery)
  • 2014 Leader of the Year (Omicron Delta Kappa - National Leadership Honor Society)
  • 2017-2018 Creative Women's Co Board of Advisors
  • 2017-2018 Rising Tide Society Creative Council Chair (and community moderator)

So… a little bit corporate, a little rock n’ roll - combining the best of both worlds to get your business where you want it to be.

Check out the strategy tools below or head on over here to work with me 1:1.