you can have a business strategy that doesn't require a phd to understand

(but if you have a PhD, I think you're pretty badass too).


i'm dannie

+ full time nomad

+ whiskey aficionado

+ full-court-press kind of gal

I'm here to simplify your life and business by creating customized, rock solid strategies that add value to your clients' lives, build your reputation, and make you money.


Here's the thing.

Growing a business isn't about the money you investIt's about the plans you put in place...and actually take action on. Can you really go on a stress-free vacation if you don't first pick a place to see?

My main priority is to ease your workload so you can build awareness and increase sales without having to give up doing what you love. Marketing and business strategy shouldn't be scary things that you avoid like that weird bout of the stomach flu I got in Thailand. You truly can have a plan for taking your business to the next level without all the added stress and it's easier than you think.

Check out the strategy tools below or head on over here to work with me 1:1.