who I work with


Folks who have sought me out for marketing assistance include: 

  • A WNBA champion looking to start a training business.
  • Fortune 100 companies seeking to "shake up" their marketing tactics.
  • A recruiting firm that places c-suite candidates at companies like Instacart & Hulu.
  • Public (and private) school districts
  • Consultants, coaches, and strategists
  • Brand designers
  • Wedding Planners
  • and more.


Even though the type of industry I've worked with runs the gamut, there are a few things that have been consistent throughout. When clients come to me, it's because they're ready. They're often at least one of the following: 

  • a proven expert in their field
  • looking to make a pivot/shift/change
  • looking to do things differently than the rest of their industry

Or if they're not at least one of those things, they're seeking guidance on whether or not they should be one of those things.

I’m the proud mama of some pretty badass work-babies. Check it.

  • While I was on the team, Whirlpool underwent a massive rebrand to the new "Every Day, Care" campaign. The new branding launched in late 2014 and received over 2 BILLION earned media impressions in the first six months. Impressions not good enough for you? That's okay. It also resulted in a 6.6% growth in sales (and 4pt. market share increase). Positive social media sentiment rose more than 600%. Purchase intent scores increased 10% from pre-campaign levels. That's MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in growth. 
  • Teams I've been a part of in my marketing career have submitted advertising work and won awards through Cannes, the Effies, CASE, the North American Excellence Awards, the American Advertising Awards, the Shorty Awards, the Webbys, W3 Awards, and D&AD Impact White Pencil 
  • I’ve even assisted in the presentation and fulfillment of a display & giveaway on The Ellen Show.

CLIENTs i've loved

A Better Day With Julie
a little buzzed, llc.
Amy Nichols Special Events
Amy Northard, CPA
the babetown collective
bloom designs company
boss rising
burgundy fox co.
caitlyn allen, VA
CH/LL Chicago
christina scalera, llc.
Citygirl Events
copper kettle co.
creations travel
the daisie foundation
dawn berg
the emma rose agency
Events by C
for the love of cake chicago
Fraser Public Schools
Greatest Story Creative
H&R Block
the happy conference
Heidi Stevens, Inc
the healing farm
the identite collective
ignite training
jen ryan coaching
jennifer jaden
Jessica Rasdall

joyeux juridique
joyeux va (now Joyeux juridique)
julie mikos photography
julius geis
kathy austin
keithan hedrick
Know Your Company
kronologie agency
laurme skin care
the leaders' studo
lead, mentor, develop, llc.
lynn sage foundation
maia wheeler, art therapist
nicole in bold
nicolina mchugh
Nightingale Photography
The Poppy Group
posh and posy
reciprocity labs
riviera partners
Simply for Creatives
Sine Qua Non Events
Social strategy co
softtech vc
Steadfast Bookkeeping Company
stories + objects
team turn up podcast
Think Creative Collective
the birth narrative
the together experience
twirl photography
verdigris photography & design
weddings by lulu
whirlpool corporation WLABS
zen on the run

brands i've loved

bottega veneta
Caveman Foods
drive maven
H&R block
just water

Kimpton Hotels
koval distillery
lustre rooftop bar
Mr. kate


+ Rashad, RB Style Formula

Dannie is a very knowledgeable and professional business consultant. Dannie helped me to rebrand my personal styling company. She's developed my brand logo, created a PR strategy and provided resources to assist in managing my brands online presence. Dannie is pleasant to work with and provides outstanding service.

+ Sharokina, Citygirl Events

Thank you so much for your help, Dannie. From the moment we connected, it was clear you understood my brand, and now I feel much better heading into engagement season with a clearly defined manifesto, social media strategy, and client intake process.

+ Christina Scalera, Attorney

I am so grateful for you. I have been so proud of you since we started working together. You know I'm all about your consulting and will continue to shout it out whenever I can!

+ Keithan, Motivational Speaker

Dannie and her team were amazing to work with. I can be demanding at times, and she was always patient and professional. I am looking forward to using her and her team on future projects.

+ Laura, Lynn Sage Foundation

I have so enjoyed getting to know Dannie. She is poised way beyond her years and is so responsive to our sporadic requests. I am so grateful to have her on our team. Thank you Dannie!

+ Kimberly Wheat, HR Block

Dannie has had an amazing impact on new client revenue growth through assisting with HR Block's marketing efforts. She exhibits tremendous professionalism as she secures strong leadership contacts throughout our efforts to gain new clients. She has been an extremely valuable asset to HR Block and I appreciate all of her efforts and leadership through taking on such a great responsibility. She has real leadership skills and even greater leadership potential. [Michigan District Field Marketing Director]

+ Brittany, Simply for Creatives

Before working with LE Consulting, I wasn't sure how to effectively lay out a joint-venture launch with other partners. Launching seemed very overwhelming. After just 2 meetings with Dannie and all of her organization tools, we were able to put together a very cohesive plan. We have a much better plan of attack to launch than if we had pieced it all together ourselves. The key differentiator to working with Dannie was her willingness to help us where we were. We needed more help with some things like dates, outline and technical setup than others.

+ Abagail + Emylee, Think Creative Collective

Dannie is a master PR extraordinaire and will truly help TCC get to the next level. We’ve got her scouting out opportunities for us to get in front of other people’s audiences, garner us a local audience and help us land some new big things. Outside our own creative niche we didn’t know who else to contact so we knew we had to bring Dannie in to use her skills.

+ Kasia, Joyeux Juridique

Dannie, thank you SO much for everything! Truly! You gave me such a personalized, 360° approach to my brand - seeing the best parts of how I classify myself and running with it! You took the time to understand me and I feel like my brand is so authentic. You really saw me, and I don't know how to thank you for that!

+ Jen, Jen Ryan Coaching

Hi Dannie, I just wanted to take a minute and Thank You for all your help lately. With all the projects that I’m doing and deadlines that have needed to be met, your organization skills have helped keep me on track and get clear on what I needed in the order to help roll out the projects in a timely fashion while stay on point. As you know, your guidance on these projects has been so instrumental with website, social media and marketing. Not having to worry about those things has been huge for me so I can do the things that I do best and leaving the rest to you. It has been so helpful to me to know that you understand my vision and have the experience to help achieve my goals. I have grown to count on your input because I know you will keep me on point and guide me to the desired end result. Thank You.

+ Amy, Amy Nichols Special Events

Hiring a business operations manager is a must in the wedding industry as your business grows. As a wedding planner, I love managing and designing all the details for my clients' weddings, but when it comes to running my business on a day-to-day basis, I need to be able to trust and delegate operational tasks. While I like to think I can do everything, I can't! Dannie came onboard at a particularly busy time as we were gearing up for two very complex weddings. She helped to keep me organized and focused, enabling me to be fully dedicated to my clients' celebrations. She has been a total lifesaver, and we are now also using Dannie to help run our month-of wedding coordination company. I'm looking forward to working with Dannie on even more projects during the offseason. I know that will help our team become even more efficient in 2017 and beyond.

+ Kathy, Kathy Austin + Boss Rising

Oh my gosh! Working with you had been amazing and your intensive is life changing! You really got to the heart of what I am trying to build and I'm so excited about working on executing the plan. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and belief in me and my idea.

+ Noel, Whirlpool Corp.

The benefits of working with Dannie are the cost, speed, flexibility, and quality results of her services. I'd gladly hire Dannie and LE Consulting again, the results met and exceeded my expectations! I believe that the key differentiator between Dannie and other service providers was her willingness to listen and knowledge of the the corporate landscape and business practices. [Noel is the Open Innovation & New Business Development Senior Manager at Whirlpool Corporation]

+ Chandani, Events By C

I recently worked with Dannie on SEO and I am thrilled with what she has done! She is knowledgeable and skilled in her field. She goes the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with her work.

+ David, Fraser Public Schools

I can always count on the “magic of Dannie” when I have an upcoming presentation. I am very pleased with the work you had done for me previously and I look forward to extending that working relationship in the future.

+ Kyrsten, Copper Kettle Co

Dannie is an incredibly knowledgeable marketing and business wiz!! We've worked with her on various marketing and business expansion projects and she's been an incredibly invaluable part of our team. Thank you so much, Dannie!!

+ David, Construction Pro

Dannie has a tremendous knack for presentation and her attention to detail is perfect. She is so easy to work with and wonderful to talk to. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change in marketing themselves, on every level.

the media loves a good story.

+ Academic Publications

Masters Thesis | 2016: Employee Resource Groups as a Tool for Recruitment, Retention, and Combatting ‘Generation Pivot’

Undergraduate Honors Thesis | 2014: The Implications of Body Modifications on the Hiring Process

Aisthesis Honors Journal | 2013: Government Censorship Against the Utilization of Social Media to Organize

+ Professional Certifications

Social Media Marketing | 2015 (Hootsuite Media Inc.)

ServSafe Manager Certification | 2011 (National Restaurant Assn.)

Student Pilot Certification | 2010 (Civil Air Patrol)

Open Water Diver Certification | 2009 (Scuba Schools International)

IT Specialty Technician Rating | 2008 (Civil Air Patrol)

scroll through below for press features, or head to the blog to see them all!

collaboration is the name of the game

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredibly talented entrepreneurs recently. These are the results of those projects! Click below each image for more on that specific collaboration. I've also had a lot of questions about the work that Rosemary WatsonJana Bishop and I do together, head on over here for more specifically on our projects.