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before I was a nomad and doing this entrepreneur thing full time, I was a hardcore side hustler. At one point. I was working a corporate job, getting my Master's at night, and balancing an entrepreneurial pursuit. If there's anyone who understands the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a side hustle, it's me. 

But trust me, being a Side Hustle Gal isn't easy. The phrase "part time entrepreneur" is a misnomer. As written, it means someone who pursues entrepreneurship on a part time basis, but in reality it means anyone who pursues entrepreneurship alongside other responsibilities (parenthood, 9-5 job, etc). As a part time entrepreneur, you're likely by no means committing "part time" effort to your business. In fact, you likely work just as hard on your business as you do your other responsibilities. Enter The Side Hustle Gal™. This phrase more appropriately defines the large body of folks pursuing entrepreneurship alongside other responsibilities. This community is for you. 

“side hustle is not a synonym for less than hustle.”

As the "OG" Side Hustle Gal, I knew that folks needed a community and more support. The Side Hustle Gal™ became just that, serving as the part-time entrepreneur's community and guide to running a business and balancing her life, complete with memoirs from entrepreneurs across the globe. Sometimes, knowing you're not alone is the first step towards happiness and we're here to say that there's a world full of amazing entrepreneurs out there just waiting to meet you!

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The contributors to The Side Hustle Gal and The Bucketlist Babe are largely responsible for the impactful stories that the books tell.


The Side Hustle Gal features stories from 13 entrepreneurs (10 businesses) from all industries and walks of life. Read on for a little bit about each one of the contributors and what they do during the day! 

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Melissa is the Co-Founder and Owner (with her husband, Adam) of eMBee events in Atlanta, Georgia. As event designers and coordinators, Melissa and Adam work with brides to make Southern wedding magic: they help bring to life the kind of events where guests leave feeling warm, happy, loved, and inspired at the end of the night. You can find them at



I'm Cinnamon (for reaslies!) and I provide joyful wedding photography for the seriously awesome couple. I am an avid celebrator of marriage and am obsessed with blogging, my pups, hot coffee and cold diet coke and my heartthrob of a husband, Paul. I am absolutely nothing without amazing grace. You can find me online at 

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At Think Creative Collective it is so much more than just a cute Instagram feed or being popular. We strive to harvest a community built on giving. We are about helping businesses become brands that make a difference. You can find more about us, upcoming workshops and our latest Instagram crush by heading to

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Kat Karpoff is the founder and creative mind behind Soapbox Creative Consulting. You can find her online at


Britny is a mindset coach for driven entrepreneurs ready to ditch the bullshit excuses keeping them small, own their worth, and make a massive impact on the world. You can find her online at

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Alongside her husband Reid, Brittany is the founder of Reid & Brittany Photography. You can find her online at

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Along with her full-time job as a retail manager and stylist, Emily Walker side hustles as a fashion merchandiser and brand representative of Chloe + Isabel, an innovative and fashionable jewelry lifestyle brand out of NYC. Their mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Check out Emily’s online boutique

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Kelly makes up one half of the Copper Kettle Co. team (and wrote their contribution to the book) and Kyrsten is our cover designer! Kyrsten is pretty much a natural-born entrepreneur! Kelly's way more fancy than Kyrsten is (or so she says), with his University of Washington Law School degree, and fancy lawyer skills. You can find them over at



Maggie Giele, MSc. is a digital strategist. She and her team help success-driven business owners build businesses worth celebrating through online marketing and business strategy. You can find her online at @MaggieGiele.

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Ashley Cox is the owner of sproutHR, where she helps creative entrepreneurs learn all about how to hire, train, and grow a thriving team. Whether you feel like you’re in way over your head hiring your first team member, or you’re looking for someone to help you create a strategic long-term plan, she partners with you as your personal HR expert! You can find her at


The Bucketlist Babe features stories and dreams from 30 entrepreneurs from all industries and walks of life. Five of the contributors (three businesses) also contributed to The Side Hustle Gal. Read on for a little bit about each one of the contributors and what they do during the day! 



Jana is a southern girl living in sunny California with her amazing little family.  After starting a wedding officiant company and realizing that finding quality images to post on Instagram was difficult and time consuming, she realized that there were probably other entrepreneurs in the same boat and it wasn't long before Twigy Posts was born. Her number one goal is to create beautiful, yet affordable styled stock photos and mockups that can help small business owners achieve a cohesive look online.  You can find her over at


Rosemary is the founder of Rosemary Watson | Productions, a creative small business focused on providing a variety of services that all work together to create a polished & professional brand; including Brand Identity design, WordPress website design, full service Instagram management, and brand photography & professional business portraits. Her biggest superpower is her never-ending enthusiasm and real-life excitement over the amazing things she can do with your brand! You can find her over at



Kelly makes up one half of the Copper Kettle Co. team and Kyrsten is our cover designer! Ever since she'd had opportunities to organize and arrange projects, Kyrsten was on it. She's pretty much a natural-born entrepreneur! Kelly's way more fancy than Kyrsten is (or so she says), with his University of Washington Law School degree, 99th percentile SAT score, 95th percentile LSAT score, etc. WOAH! You can find them over at



Sam makes up one half of the dynamic duo that is Flock + Co. Entrepreneurship isn’t always (ever?) as glamorous as it seems, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun when you don’t try to do it alone. No matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in your business, you deserve a chance to cultivate genuine relationships with other women who get it. Flock + Co works hard to connect you to those women! You can find Sam online at


Meghan Maydel is a sales funnel strategist + CMO-for-Hire who helps service-based badass biz owners finally get consistent with their client + cash flow. She comes from a design and advertising background having worked for one of Ad Age’s “top 10 agencies to watch in the U.S.” where she worked on campaigns for Volvo, Trident, Converse, and more. She also has worked extensively in the in-house design field, helping companies discover their brand story and how to infuse it into everything they do. You can find her over at


Co-founder of Evanston, Ill.-based Chykalophia, Ari Krzyzek offers through her design studio a unique and vibrant international perspective. Exhibiting innovative flair enhanced by latest techniques, her designs serve an array of interests—commercial, promotional or personal—to achieve her clients’ goals. Ari also works also in a corporate environment, executing email campaigns as digital designer for Sears Holdings Corp. You can find her over at

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Kait studied painting at a small liberal arts school on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Her work is gestural, atmospheric, and a little contemplative - each piece is a momentary narrative. It settles somewhere between impressionist and abstract expressionist, and is almost always inspired by nature and travel. Kait is the creative genius behind Larkspur & Laurel and the Head of Moderation at the Rising Tide Society. You can find her over at


Katelyn is the founder of Kate Rose Creative Group, a lifestyle and a collaboration of creative people all doing life in a way that is fulfilling and full of passion. This company is composed of all of the things that make her heart happy; joyful weddings and events, creative branding, lovely print and event designs, thoughtful business coaching and collaboration with other creative professionals. You can find her online at


Natalie Franke Hayes is a photographer, educator, speaker, and Founder of the Rising Tide Society. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies and a concentration in Visual Neuroscience and the Psychology of Seeing. Natalie lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her high school sweetheart and serves as the Head of Community for HoneyBook. You can find Natalie online at



Cassie + Shay each make up one half of Bucketlist Bombshells, a collective dedicated to the idea that you really can work online and travel the world. Visit them online at



Jessica Stansberry is THE Jessica behind Hey Jessica, LLC, a content machine that helps online business owners figure out the systems and techy parts of running their business. With weekly free content, courses and an amazing Facebook group - Biz Tech Collective, Jessica is changing the business world, one nerdy tip at a time. You can find her over at


Marisa is the founder of FitCity Tours and a born and raised Ontario girl, but a Vancouverite at heart. She has fully grasped the west coast lifestyle, being active and exercising outside whenever possible. She runs, hikes, walks, bikes, rollerblades, bootcamps, yogas and whatever else she can do outdoors. She even has an impossibly cute dog that accompanies her on adventures around the city. You can find her over at



Kat Karpoff is the founder and creative mind behind Soapbox Creative Consulting. You can find her online at


Lola Gilbert is a photographer and community curator. She is passionate about empowering women, human rights, moody photography, podcasts and iced coffee, in that order. She has weird obsession with the ID channel and serial killer documentaries, also non fiction books and cozy sweaters. She hates to be serious but also struggle with anxiety and depression and she’s not ashamed to admit it. This also makes being the face of such a community as The Babetown Collective terrifying but she’s ready to push her own boundaries. She’s multifaceted and fickle minded and completely imperfect, and she spends every damn day trying to embrace it.


Kasia is a recent Loyola grad and the founder of JoyeuxVA. When she's not running around helping entrepreneurs, she's hanging out with her gorgeous furry friend, Cat Benatar. You can find her online at



Caitlyn is a Social Media Savant and Non-Profit Marketing Manager, dedicated to lifting up the voices of underserved communities. With a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology/Sociology with a concentration in Public Policy from Albion College, she works diligently through the AmeriCorps VISTA program to create and execute marketing campaigns to aid the goals of the nonprofits she supports. When she's not chasing cacti in the desert, she freelances for entrepreneurs of varying sizes to assist with their marketing efforts. You can find her online over on Instagram.


Pam is the founder of Fetching Market. The Market was developed and created from a lifelong passion for attending flea markets, treasure hunting at vintage shops and collecting quality goods. You can find her online at


Honey Sulich is the founder and creative mind behind Honey Shea Studios. You can find her online at



Laura Sage and her family have been raising fund and awareness for breast cancer causes for almost 30 years. For the past 10 years they have focused their efforts on raising funds exclusively for Chicago-based breast cancer researchers via The Lynn Sage Foundation. The Lynn Sage Foundation is named after Laura's mom who passed away from breast cancer almost 30 years ago at age 39. Laura was 13 at the time and her sister, Halee was 11. 

Laura volunteers her time at The Lynn Sage Foundation and is a Director at a Chicago-based hedge fund. She has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Arizona. You can find her online at


Ashlyn is a calligrapher and copywriter for creatives, helping write bespoke, meaningful words for creative women. She came alongside clients like Delta Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, Orkin, and Woodruff Arts Center to tell their stories at a full-service PR firm — and then worked as publicist branding for celebrity chef Ford Fry. Now? She strings words copywriting launches and more for creativepreneurs like Jenna Kutcher and Mary Marantz, and slings ink as a calligrapher, whose work appears in The Knot and Southern Weddings. When not writing about herself in third person, she’s usually trying to scratch the ink off her fingernails or grabbing margs and tacos with her husband. You can find her online at


Brittany Griggs is a self-taught newborn and family photographer with a passion for the business side of things. In 2012, she left financial corporate america to start her photography business, Brittany Lauren Creates. In 2013, she opened her first physical studio in Charlotte, NC. Her business was such a success that her husband was able to leave his corporate job, as well, to follow his dream of becoming a professional golfer. 

In 2015, she founded Simply for Creatives because she believes every women that has the vision, passion and drive to create a successful business should be able to. You can find her online at



Anastasia Casey provides beautiful branding design and strategically crafted websites to female entrepreneurs. She is also the host of the IDCO workshop series, giving creative entrepreneurs a 2 day intensive boot camp experience to focus their brand's aesthetic, gain extensive marketing knowledge and social media strategy. Having recently made the jump to full time business owner, Anastasia finds her deepest fulfillment working with women on their "2nd Careers", whether that be starting a business after raising children, or moving to something creative after being in the corporate world for years. Outside of design, she prioritizes travel with her new husband as their primary source for joy and inspiration. Recently on safari in South Africa, Anastasia plans to hit Spain, Ireland and Iceland in 2017. She and her husband live in a historic neighborhood of Austin, Texas with their rescue dog Kennedy.



Natalie was born and raised in the South, but she doesn't have an accent. She is a photographer, dreamer, mother, maker of crafty things, and believer. Her love for photography really began in 2009, when she started photographing dancers; she had always loved ballet and the beautiful movements the body can make through dance. Since then, she has expanded her portfolio to include all the beautiful chapters, or movements, that a person can make through life, including newborn, family, and wedding stories. 

You can find her online at


Reina is the Life + Biz Success Coach behind Reina + Co. She helps creative entrepreneurs who have a million amazing ideas in their heads and get overwhelmed because they’re always spinning their wheels. She helps them pinpoint what’s most important so they can become the go to expert in their industry. Her background is in psychology, she has her Masters in Social Work and has worked as a program manager and an event planner.

Before she had this business, she had her own wedding planning business. She knows how windy and solitary the creative entrepreneur path is, but she can tell you that once you find “your thing,” it’s so worth the journey. You can find her online at