passion first, always

Strategy, baby.

You know Jeni's Ice Cream? Warby Parker? Virgin Airlines (#rip)? All those brands you love to love, that can't for one second seem to get rid of you? Yeah. You want to know how they make you fall in love? Passion. 

Passion is the only way to do marketing. Nobody cares about your meticulous sales funnel or your perfectly crafted ad copy if there's no depth to your story. You hate this part, don’t you? Logistics are a real asshole but if you want to be the BOSS of something that works, it has to be done. Raw talent, amazing products or services, and an explosive vision aren’t always enough. You have to finesse your story, tell it in a way that people care, and build relationships. 

It’s time for a strategic marketing campaign that makes as much sense as your very own hands. Something that fits, something

that’s natural, and something that you use with little to no thought at all because it’s an extension of who you are and how you function.

And let’s not forget the clients. It’s always been about the clients and it’ll always be about the clients. Make the clients know they need you.

So…what's next? Whatever it is, I hope it involves sorcery. Or unicorns…okay. Magic aside, know this: The very best marketing campaigns and business strategies should make you feel like you’re reading an Ikea instruction manual in Chinese, AKA easy, and fun…

Um… no. Seriously, if someone presents you with a bajillion-point plan written in fancy-shmancy lingo, BAIL. Run like the wind from that gobbledygook.

It doesn’t have to be hard
and you'll reap the benefits.


Your marketing will meet your ideal clients right where they are, so you become part of their lives in a way that’s natural and genuine.


Investing in you will simply be the next step in their process, all without a weird salesy slime-vibe or excessive follow up calls.


They’ll never know that behind the scenes lies a well-researched marketing campaign full of strategies to help them fall in love.

i'll have a strategy, please

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marketing strategy

As a business owner, you need to increase sales and awareness while managing both with ease. We’ll work together on a 3-step process to get things done. You’ll walk away equipped with the tools to handle your marketing and a framework to do your own marketing planning in the future. (Already have a marketing strategy? Ask me about my “Marketing Audit”.)

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seo strategy

I get it, you want to be seen online! We’ll work together to define an SEO Strategy, do some Keyword Research, and work through On Page / Site Improvements. We’ll also work together on the best ways for you to track these things and make tweaks in the future. (Already have an SEO strategy? Ask me about my “SEO Audit”.)

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employee engagement

Employee engagement work can often feel a lot like marketing. We’ll work together to understand what’s going wrong (and right!) at your company and collaborate on a strategy to improve employee engagement. This typically includes an employee survey, analysis of the results, and a campaign rollout featuring the actions you decide to take to improve the culture.

Ready to get started? Get in touch!

Curious about pricing? These custom services vary from $1,500-$15,000+ depending on scope and needs.
For something a bit different, check out the mini strategy session / strategy bundle options below!

Not ready to dive in yet?

Take a bite size approach to your marketing!
(for sole proprietors or creative small businesses only)

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mini strategy session

Pass the wings and scoot over. Consider this your appetizer. Spend an hour with me 1:1 to get answers to your burning questions and walk away with a high level strategy to get you started. This is great if you’re not sure what you need to do to make things happen.
Cost - $499

need something bigger?

Take on more challenges in one setting!
(larger solution for startup/enterprise teams)

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working session

Bring the whole team or just the marketing department - let’s figure out your biggest problems and their potential solutions. Come prepared to roll your sleeves up and dig into the data while also being realistic about where your company is at. Working sessions start at $3,500 for a half day session and include pre-work/post-work.