back in the day...

Before I worked at Google. Before I was a nomad and doing this entrepreneur thing full time. Before all of that, I was a hardcore side hustler. I was working a corporate job, getting my Master's at night, putting in 10(ish) hours a week at HR Block, and balancing an entrepreneurial pursuit. If there's anyone who understands the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a side hustle, it's me. 

But trust me, being a Side Hustle Gal™ isn't easy. The phrase "part time entrepreneur" is a misnomer. As written, it means someone who pursues entrepreneurship on a part time basis, but in reality it means anyone who pursues entrepreneurship alongside other responsibilities (parenthood, 9-5 job, etc). As a part time entrepreneur, you're likely by no means committing "part time" effort to your business. In fact, you likely work just as hard on your business as you do your other responsibilities. Enter the Side Hustle Gal™. This phrase more appropriately defines the large body of folks pursuing entrepreneurship alongside other responsibilities. This community is for you. 

side hustle is not a synonym for less than hustle

As the "OG" Side Hustle Gal, I knew that folks needed a community and more support. The Side Hustle Gal™ became just that, serving as the part-time entrepreneur's community and guide to running a business and balancing her life, complete with memoirs from entrepreneurs across the globe. Sometimes, knowing you're not alone is the first step towards happiness and we're here to say that there's a world full of amazing entrepreneurs out there just waiting to meet you!



the books:

book contributors

The contributors to The Side Hustle Gal and The Bucketlist Babe are largely responsible for the impactful stories that the books tell.


The Side Hustle Gal features stories from 13 entrepreneurs (10 businesses) from all industries and walks of life.


The Bucketlist Babe features stories and dreams from 25+ entrepreneurs from all industries and walks of life.