Year Forward, Year Past.

dear clients and friends,

As 2016 is wrapped up tight, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued commitment to experiencing the difference that authentic business connections make with me. I learned a lot last year from working and interacting with each and every one of you. The opportunities we had together to work on your business and collaborate on solutions for a better future have been amazing! I'm so pleased that you've been a part of this incredible year. 

Business Recap

I'm best at explaining things in terms of numbers when it comes to a summary, so here's a list of numbers to represent this exciting year: 

  • This business experienced 10x business growth in 2016 over 2015
  • I flew 83,544 miles and 187 hours this year on 12 different airlines, 19 different aircraft, and through 35 different airports. Woah.
  • I attended 8 different conferences and met so many incredible people. 
  • I had 4 different mailing addresses and three different "homes." 

Personal Recap

Now that my business and my name are one, I cannot comment on 2016 as a year from a business perspective without also touching on it from a personal one. 2016 has been a year of immensely profound personal growth for me. I learned that to grow, we must first feel. I experienced the immense pain of loss and the tremendous joy of rebirth. I contemplated the mortality of the world and of myself as I emerged too nearly safe from not one but four terrorist attacks in the past year. I was reminded time and time again that this life is precious. 

Below are just a few photos from this year's adventures: a synagogue in Budapest, meeting an elephant in Thailand, conferences, and a little bit of fun too!

My four favorite moments from the world this year?

Not an easy thing to decide on, let me tell you, but they'd have to be: Lin-Manuel's Tony acceptance speech, the Cubbies winning the world series, Simone Manuel becoming the first African-American to win an Olympic swimming medal, and the ever-famous hot sauce line from Formation. 

As I look ahead to 2017, I'm excited by what I see. My word (well, phrase really) for 2017 is "fully lived" and I can't wait to see how that manifests throughout the year. This will be my first year as a nomad, which will also be an interesting departure from my current life. Stay tuned for all the excitement that's sure to come! 

Thanks for a great year and looking forward to an even better one!

All my love,

Dannie FountainComment