Run Your Business in One Hour per Week. No, Seriously.

As creative entrepreneurs, we sometimes run around looking like a chicken with its head cut off. Not exactly ideal when running a business. It doesn’t have to like that though. By setting processes in place, you can learn how to run your business in as little one hour a day. Click through to read how to level up your creative business. | LE Consulting

Sounds crazy, right? There's no way you can run your business in one hour a week. 

But it's really not that difficult. 

If/once you have good business processes in place (automated workflows in 17hats, awesome systems in HoneyBook, etc.) then you shouldn't be running your business for more than an hour a week. Seriously. Checking in on your business should be a breeze, because everything is organized, coordinated, and ready to go. 

How do you achieve the business equivalent of inbox zero? It's so simple. Use a business dashboard. What's a business dashboard? It's a single sheet that you can use to have all the important information about your business ready to go in one place. It looks a little something like this: 

The best part of this blog post? We have a business dashboard for you to use in your business! Head on over here to download it and get started. 

Happy planning!

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