Advertising Spotlight: What Went Right

When we run our own creative businesses, we have to look at what went right, what went wrong and where we go from here. It’s the same for large corporations too. Continue through to read the case study for Target’s ad and take notes of what they did. | LE Consulting

When I was in the corporate world, we would go over recent advertising in our weekly team meetings. We'd chat about what went right, what we loved, and what could have done better. I thought I'd bring this idea here, to the entrepreneurial space, and take a look at a recent piece of advertisement that has something we can learn from! 



Target has a primary target audience but they also have secondary target audiences. In this ad, they're targeting Latina or Spanish-speaking women [the ad is in Spanish] but they're also trying to emphasize the fact that Target has something for everyone and they don't exclude people. This is especially important after the recent media attention they've gotten for some of their in-store decisions. The caption for the video as seen on YouTube even emphasizes this: "...and if you want to enhance your natural beauty, here you’ll find makeup products that go with your skin and style:" 

How does this ad make you feel? What do you think Target did right? Let us know in the comments below.