5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Knowledge Wildly

...and why it won't cost you clients!

Do you ever wonder how much free information you should be sharing? Some people freak out about sharing too much information for fear of losing clients, but that’s not the case. Click through to read why you should be sharing your knowledge everywhere and with everyone, even if they’re not a paying client. | LE Consulting

1: It establishes you as an expert and helps you display your knowledge.

By sharing your knowledge wildly, whether it's in blog posts, on webinars, or even in free e-courses, people are able to gain an understanding for what you know and how you know it. This increases your level of expertise in their eyes and aids when trying to gain them as a client. 

2: If you give that much away for free, they can expect even more as your client!

You likely want to be seen as someone who has stellar service quality, under-promising and over-delivering for your clients. By giving away knowledge for free, you demonstrate your willingness to "pitch in and help" to potential clients. 

3: It shows the quality of your work and acts like a portfolio for your business.

In some industries, it can be hard to have a portfolio. For example, for us here at LE Consulting, it's hard to showcase a client's marketing success without doing an in depth case study. It might be hard for a business coach to show her clients' successes except through testimonials. Writing blog posts and sharing your knowledge can serve as a secondary portfolio and another tool for helping potential clients decide whether or not to hire you.   

4. You'll have a body of work to share when applying for speaking engagements, guest blog spots, podcast interviews, and more!

Everyone wants publicity, right? When pitching, applying for, or submitting to many of these opportunities, they'll either (a) request samples of past work (writing, speaking, etc.) or (b) check you out online. By having a blog and/or other sources where you give knowledge away freely, you're giving the reviewers something to look at when considering your submission. Win-win!

5. You'll feel good too! 

Do you ever go back to look at that paper you knocked out of the park freshman year of college? Or that art project that still makes you smile 10 years later? Imagine scrolling through blog posts you've written that are full of awesome content! It's a great feeling!