6 Reasons Why No One Cares What You Do

Early on in my career, there have been periods of time that have simply not borne fruit. I could have attributed these slow periods to a lull in the market for my services, but deep down, I knew this was simply not the case.

Today's market is a highly competitive one, regardless of what industry you work in, and the truth was that I just wasn't playing a competitive game. While others were landing dream clients and securing lasting relationships, I was making do with the occasional job that helped to pay a bill or two but was far from lucrative and long-term.

I knew I need to make some changes, but wasn't quite sure what. So it was time to sit back and reflect upon why others were getting hired and I wasn't. Here's what I quickly learned:

1. Potential clients aren't aware of the benefits of working with you

What benefits do you offer that others might not? Take a step outside your business and see what it is that you can offer that would make you stand out from your competitors, and why your services are more beneficial than another. Then be sure to discuss those characteristics in your pitch or on your website.

2. You don't stand out from the crowd

How easy is it for potential customers and clients to find you? Having a unique set of skills or providing greater benefits than another is great, but if no one is going to be able to find you among the sea of competitors, it doesn't matter. Using Google analytics, you can see what areas may need improvement.

3. You aren't taking advantage of social media

Creating a strong social media presence improves brand recognition, and the engagement and interaction with consumers also serves to solidify and improve your overall Internet presence. Various social media platforms are ideal for promotion of your products or services, as well as for driving traffic to your website or landing pages.

4. You aren't explaining your pricing

If you are priced lower than others, you may initially be perceived as lower-quality, but if you take the time to explain that you keep your prices low because you want to provide more value for your customer, it quickly changes their impression. An explanation for higher prices should include all the benefits one might gain by utilizing your services or purchasing your products, in order to justify the pricing.

5. You don't appear qualified

You may be very good at what you do, but how would anyone else know? A combination of things can help you appear as an expert in your field:
1. Promote niche content related to your industry
2. Publish reviews, case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients and customers
3. Tell a bit about yourself, your experience and qualifications
4. Offer valuable insight through social media channels and on your site that provides helpful information and tips to your target market

6. Your website isn't good enough

You don't necessarily need a world-class website, but it should be user-friendly, attractive and contain all the information a consumer needs to make a decision. Information should be easy to find, and navigation shouldn't be confusing.

What other ideas can you think of that may be the reasons you aren't being hired as much as others?

Dannie FountainComment