Are you telling the truth?

Earlier this month, I was back in the Great Lakes area for a bit and I've been processing everything I learned at Illume Retreat. One surprising takeaway? Brand values.


One of the things we discussed at Illume Retreat was brand values and centering your brand in more than just a few catch phrases. I realized that I have four brand values, but I actually don't talk about them ever and I've never really described them in more than just a few words. Rather than go through this exercise alone, I wanted to talk it out with you and show you how having clear brand values can help with your marketing.

First - what are my brand values?

  • A zest for life.
  • A passion for exploration.
  • A desire to be original.
  • A heart for community.

Next - what do those brand values actually mean to me?

I'm working on writing out explanations for each of those values so that I can include them on my website and be mindful of them as my business grows.

Finally - how do I weave those brand values throughout my business?

These values should be a gut check for every decision I'm making in business. Am I staying true to what I've defined as my core?


First, if you don't have any brand values, take some time to think about words and feelings that are important to you. Draft a list. Put it away and come back to it.

Next, check how your brand values are woven throughout your business. Are they visible? Do you use them as a reference?

Some businesses with brand values that I love (either because of the values themselves or because of how they describe them) include: Copper Kettle CoThe Scobeys, and Justin & Mary.