2017 in Brief Sentences

Lust is not a substitute for love.

Commitment means only as much as the intentions behind the mouth that offers it.

Definitions are not universal.

The things you think you need are not the things you actually need and the things you actually need will break you.

Trust is easy to give - it's as simple as closing your eyes and taking a step. But once trust is broken? It's nearly impossible to repair. Be honest with yourself when your faith in someone or something is gone, don't hang on forever.

Have grace, be graceful. We as humans make "infinite promises" - promises of forever, or to always be there. Know that these promises are conditional - "our" forever, or always there except when I can't be. Choose to not hold the conditionality of a promise against someone.

Pain tolerance is situational.

You are a vessel and when your well runs dry, it will take a powerful flood to refill it. Don't let your well run dry.

Every relationship you're in - from the one with your mother to the one with your partner - will be unbalanced. Sometimes in your favor, sometimes against. Know your limits of how far the unbalancing can go. Once you determine that limit, set aside your pride and don't hold the imbalance up to that limit against the other person.

Unlearning habits crafted to serve a relationship will take time (and some of them are better left learned).

People can and will surprise you. The ones you expect the most of will disappoint you and the ones you expect the least of will become treasured connections. Manage your expectations.

Be afraid to give your all. When it feels right, give your all. But for all that is holy, be afraid to give your all. When you're afraid to give your all, you're a better judge of whom/when to give it.

One person cannot be your everything, even if they promise they can. It is too much for one person to carry.

And perhaps the most powerful thing I've learned - you are an evolving creature, continually changing each day. Trust yourself when your mind says you're open to a new (or old) experience.