Traveling as an Entrepreneur

When we’re our own boss, traveling for vacation can be a little complicated if you’re not prepared. Click through to read how you can continue being the ultimate creative entrepreneur while decompressing on vacation. | LE Consulting

We'll break this post down into three sections. 

  • Managing clients
  • Business travel
  • Basic travel tips


There are two different ways to manage clients while you're traveling. I tend to choose one or the other based on the type of travel I'm headed on. 

Method 1: The "I'm out of town" method. It's okay to take time away from your business, just like employees take time away from the corporate world. To do this best, you'll want to make sure your clients are aware that you'll be on vacation. It's up to you whether you check in for emergencies only or completely unplug, but you'll want your clients to know. If you have a VA or other assistant, consider asking them to cover down for you while you're gone. Then, when you're on vacation, make sure you actually take the time to unplug. 

Method 2: Sometimes, Method 1 just doesn't work, and that's okay too. Method 2 is to check in on a limited basis. Work for maybe 2-3 hours a day. It's important to note that you are on vacation so you do need to take some time for yourself, but checking in is okay too. Set up some parameters and stick to them. You and your clients will both appreciate it! 


Traveling for business can be a lot of fun. There are a few ways you can make it more enjoyable. First, register with GOES so that you can get Global Entry and a known traveler number. Next, fly with carry-on luggage only, even internationally (see below for my favorite company). Doing this means you'll get everywhere faster and you'll lessen your risk of lost luggage! Finally, take advantage of any perks you might have because of your credit card companies - including access to airport lounges, discounts on WiFi on the airplane, and so much more! 


When traveling (whether domestically or abroad), there are certain steps you can take to make things go smoothly (even if you're not traveling for business). Here are my favorites: 

As a frequent business and leisure traveler, one of the worst parts of traveling for me is always baggage claim and security. To help alleviate these things, I’ve started traveling much lighter than I used to. I have a carry on bag from Away Travel that includes a phone charger in the bag itself, as well as a laundry bag and a compression divider, so I have everything in one place.

When I do pack, I pack 100% neutral colors—they tend to look classier (especially when traveling through Europe) and they mix and match well (so I pack less clothes). I also don’t pack toiletries (unless traveling to a more remote location) because the hotels and AirBNBs I stay in typically provide these items.

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