Does the Contentment Challenge have a place in a nomad lifestyle?

You've probably heard a lot in recent weeks about the Contentment Challenge.

Ashlyn Carter was the first to introduce it to me and I was initially a skeptic - I'm already a much more can I downsize? Then I read Kat Schmoyer's post and I realized that it was about a lot more than simply downsizing. It was about being joyfully content with what you have, even if that's different for you than it is for others.

After turning off my skepticism, I did some digging. I downloaded Nancy Ray's contentment guide and read the blog posts she wrote on her journey.  I then discovered person after person that was following through with the challenge and experiencing results: 

As I read all these stories...I wondered. Does the Contentment Challenge have a place in a nomad lifestyle? Is this something to do as an alternative to the nomad lifestyle? How can we as nomadic persons embrace the same ideals on our already-reduced set of belongings and broadened set of experiences.

So here we are. I'm participating in the contentment challenge for 2017. I'm breaking it down for you step by step to explain how I'll apply the principles to my nomadic lifestyle.

My 2017 word of the year is actually a phrase...fully lived. This year is about me living my life for me and me alone. Embracing the things I've always wanted to do. Letting go of fear. Growing, even when it's painful. Encouraging myself (and others) to be true to our cores. Owning exactly who I am. That phrase seems contradictory to a year of contentment...wouldn't contentment come at the expense of living fully? I don't think so. Let me explain.

The Contentment Challenge is meant to be different for each person. The length of time you commit, the guidelines you choose, and the areas of focus you shine a light on can be unique to you! I actually plan to commit to the Contentment Challenge from February 1st (today) to October 31st (a total of 9 months) I’m setting guidelines now and defining what the challenge will mean to me and how it will differ from the "normal" challenge due to my nomadic lifestyle.

I’ll be posting my own guidelines next week and I plan to blog the journey once per month to document the journey. Here goes nothing! Here's to a life fully lived.