Fully Lived: Washington DC Recommendations

Welcome to the Fully Lived series (a great accompaniment to the Fully Lived podcast). As I've been exploring this nomad life, people keep asking where my favorite places are in each city I spend a decent amount of time in. Knowing this, I've decided to start a blog series highlighting my favorite haunts in cities that I spend at least a week in. Next in the series is Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. 

Early last week, before heading to the Creative at Heart Conference, I spent three days and nights in Washington, DC crashing at the Kimpton Topaz Hotel. I had an amazing time catching up with folks like Reina Pomeroy and Tiffany Tolliver while I was in town, but even more than that, a crazy coincidence happened.

Y'all know how obsessed I am with AdamJK. Like, seriously. Well, over the weekend, he posted on his Instagram Stories that he was in Washington DC for a Michelle Branch concert. Uh, coincidence much?! I fired off an email with the very classy subject line: "Bro, you're in DC right now?!" He opened it...he read it...and replied. And we scheduled coffee for Saturday morning! Saturday morning arrived and we started chatting - and then coffee became lunch too! It was a really great conversation about all things business, but also just a conversation between two humans becoming friends.

On to what you really care about - 

to eat

These are the gems I fell in love with while in D.C.

COASTAL FLATSLiterally some of the best fish and chips ever. Plus the bread they bring to start is DIVINE.

COMPASS COFFEE: Delicious local D.C. coffee.

DAIKAYA: RAMEN! I did not personally go here, but Adam said it was divine! 

GRAFFIATO: Delicious. Ate brunch here, the french toast was SO GOOD. 

to sleep

Obviously the Kimpton Topaz Hotel. The only place I stayed! 

to see

There are so many things to see in D.C.. Rather than try to tell you a select few, here are travel guides written by folks who know D.C. best! 

Kimpton Topaz Hotel

Kimpton Topaz Hotel

Stay tuned for more travel guides! Coming Soon:
Indianapolis, Indiana
Toronto, Ontario

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