How the Entrepreneurship Community Can Bring You to Life

The term business besties isn’t something to take lightly. Read how two entrepreneurs went from business besties to business partners and are now growing their own empire. | LE Consulting

Do you remember what it was like your first day of high school? College? Your first corporate job? You probably felt a mix of excitement and fear. You didn’t know if people would like you, you were unsure of who your friends would be, but you knew you were ready to get started! Entrepreneurship is a similar feeling.

When you join an entrepreneur community (my favorites are the Savvy Business Owners’ Community and the Rising Tide Society), you’re “making yourself known” to thousands of other women and men who are also on the entrepreneurial journey. There are often local meet ups (like the Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together meetings) where you can interact and build relationships with local entrepreneurs. The difference between high school, college, or a corporate job and entrepreneurship is that as entrepreneurs, we all have the same goal – grow our business. Not everybody has the same goal in those other settings. This common goal and common desired experience makes entrepreneurship and its associated communities a phenomenal place to meet people and maybe even come alive!

Are you curious how entrepreneurship could bring you to life? Consider this example:

A little over a year ago, two entrepreneurs were scrolling through the Savvy Business Owners’ Facebook group. One was a graphic designer that had built up an incredible business doing work for Kansas City businesses and other entrepreneurs. The other was a photographer in Tulsa who had a knack for crafting beautiful imagery to preserve some of life’s most precious moments. Both women felt like their business was missing something, but they weren’t sure what it was. As they scrolled through the group, making connections, collaborating to help give someone advice on their new logo, and being a shoulder to lean on as someone else struggled with a difficult client situation, they became friends. That friendship blossomed into conversations about business, their dreams, and what they wanted most out of life. Soon thereafter, Think Creative Collective was born.

Today, Abagail and Emylee work together to maximize the incredible breadth of skills they share between them. Their social media accounts are flawless courtesy of Emylee’s amazing photography skills and their downloadable PDFs are always drop dead gorgeous courtesy of Abagail’s graphic design skills. Together, they run a business that is greater than the sum of their parts and impacts thousands of women on the entrepreneurial journey all because they made a connection in an entrepreneur community a little over a year ago.

Without the entrepreneurial community that exists online and all over the globe, relationships like the one that Abagail and Emylee have today wouldn’t be possible. These two women are now running a business that brings them joy and they get to share that joy with their business partner on a daily basis! Remember when they each felt like something was missing from their business? It was one another.

What’s the lesson here? There’s something in your life today that you wish you had more of. There’s space in your life for something that could very well bring out the best in you. For many people, it’s joining a community of like minded peers and getting to experience the tremendous camaraderie that results from conversation. For you, it might be finding your next business partner when you didn’t even know you were looking for one. Regardless of what it is, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone, engage in community with others, and feel alive.

Dannie FountainComment