Don't ask me to be patient.

So. Want to know my bad habits? When I have an idea, I run immediately towards execution. I'm really bad at gift giving, simply because if I buy something too early then I end up giving it to the intended person before the appointed day. I break nails all the time because my hands move faster than my mind can follow.

Buying plane tickets is an excruciating process for me. My Capricorn nature wants the flight booked and inked on my calendar as soon as possible. My wallet knows that it's critical to wait for the sweet spot where prices have hit the bottom of the trench and are about to start creeping back up. This battle often causes me to buy plane tickets too early and then be mad when I see them $200 cheaper a couple weeks later.

Basically what I'm saying is, I have -1000% ability to be patient. As an entrepreneur, this is a terrible trait, but I've been hearing from more and more of you lately that you feel the same way.


This week, it's not a marketing related challenge but it's still one we all need to think about. Here are a few ways to slow down and regain some patience.

  1. Meditate. If you're Chicago local, CH/ILL Chicago is officially open and thriving, check it out!
  2. Exercise. My favorite way to get out of my head is to go for a very. long. swim.
  3. Breathe. Focusing on your breathing forces you to stop focusing on other things and can help you get re-centered.

Shoot me an email or comment below and let me know your favorite ways to regain patience!