What's Changing Around Here?

2017 is officially right around the corner and with that comes a new season in business. Setting goals, making plans, building out strategies. For me, the biggest strategy shift was to rebrand to my name. This post showcases the new brand identity you'll see here, the reason for the shift, and the people who made it happen! 

New Brand Summary:



New Logo - the "strategist," "author," and "educator" titles hearken to my three previous business names - LE Consulting, The Side Hustle Gal, and the Styled Marketing Course.

New Business Card | Back side on top

New Thank You Card | Front side on top

New Brand Identity | All in one piece

Brand Inspiration Board: The board identifies the major themes in the new brand. We kept the lemons to hearken back to the previous LE Consulting branding while bringing in more elements of my own personality - a passion for travel and the sea, a desire to be individual and original, and a heart for good cocktails and great conversation. 

New Product Identity | All our products got a refresh to match the updated branding.



After seven years of being known as LE Consulting (formally 'LE Professional Consulting, LLC'), we're now officially the artist formerly known as LE Consulting (too soon for #prince references?).

In all seriousness, it's been a long journey to bring me and this company to where we're at today. As 2017 starts and I begin a year of incredible speaking engagements across the globe in addition to building my brand as a marketing and PR strategist, I wanted to come back to my roots. Our first logo was these three circles - fading from blue to grey to black - with our company name underneath in some generic sans serif font. Our first website was a wordpress.com site and we paid $18 annually for a custom domain to be attached. The first client I ever had paid me $8/hour. Many people don't know this, but LE Consulting was actually named for my best friend @artemamoris and I (and our middle names), because in the beginning, we were business partners.

Today, the company returns to it's roots. Returns to the original intentions behind the business - chasing dreams and exploring the bigger world around us. By bringing all three previous brands under one umbrella, we're able to build more continuity into the branding that you see around the internet / world. By bringing the brand back to my name, I'm able to finally inject my personality and my story into the business.

Introducing our four brand values: 
A zest for life.
A passion for exploration.
A desire to be original.
A heart for community. 



This rebrand was a big project - many would say bigger than I expected. I've operated under the LE Consulting / LE Professional Consulting name in various forms since as early as 2009. Rebranding to my own name was not a decision I took lightly and these folks played a part in making this rebrand happen. Thank you to each and every one of you for your contribution to this massive undertaking! If you don't see your name here and you contributed to the rebrand project, know that your name was not intentionally omitted.

Rosemary Watson of Rosemary Watson Productions
Jana Bishop of TwigyPosts
Jenny Johnson of Bloom Designs Co.
Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co.
Meghan Maydel of Meghan Maydel
Samantha Johnson of Flock & Co.
Cathy Olson of Love Inspired, Inc.
Christina Scalera of Christina Scalera, LLC.
Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes
Meg Summerfield of Square Design Guild

Allie Walker of The Social Walker
Abagail Pumphrey & Emylee Williams of Think Creative Collective
Sarah Henry, Freelancer
Kasia Szczerbinski of Joyeux VA
Morgan Terlouw of Verdigris Photography & Design
Sarah Laurence of Sarah Evelyn Co.
Ruth Simpson of Gratis Company
Caitlyn Allen, Freelancer
Kyrsten + Kelly Sherwood of Copper Kettle Co.

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