Fully Lived: San Francisco Recommendations

Welcome to the Fully Lived series (a great accompaniment to the Fully Lived podcast). As I've been exploring this nomad life, people keep asking where my favorite places are in each city I spend a decent amount of time in. Knowing this, I've decided to start a blog series highlighting my favorite haunts in cities that I spend at least a week in. Kicking off this series is my first destination of 2017 - San Francisco. 

to eat

There were a few places in San Francisco that stole my heart as far as food and drink goes. 

For coffee, I fell in love with Sightglass Coffee. I walked in and immediately felt at home. The decor was on trend but not overly so and felt just original enough that my eye was drawn throughout the space. I asked for a cup of their blackest, deepest coffee and the barista did not disappoint - it was heavenly. They also don't offer wifi here which caused me to pull up a stool with a couple guys at an open table and actually just chat. Chatting with strangers?! What a novelty! Something only a space like Sightglass could curate. 

For food, Marlowe captured my attention richly. I had their "Baker" cocktail (Dickel rye, Aperol, grapefruit + lemon juice, honey) and chased that down with a "Country Lawyer" (Buffalo Trace single barrel, Zucca amaro, Dolin blanc & Benedictine). Their burger was spot on and the bite I stole of a friend's brussels sprouts was divine. 

For sweet treats, I had my first taste of Craftsman & Wolves. Everyone raves about this place and the second I bit into my "Rebel Within" (an egg baked into a pastry - YAS), I was smitten too.

I ate at a few other places throughout the city but these are my "can't miss" destinations.  

to sleep

I started off my adventure at a shady Airbnb, but my stay at the Sir Francis Drake MORE than made up for it. The classiest hotel a girl could ask for! I definitely understand why folks love the place (and the nightlife on the top floor is just as good as the hotel itself). Ideal location, stylish rooms, kind and generous staff. A win-win all around!

to see

So Josefina and I packed a week's worth of sightseeing into one day which means I have QUITE the list for you of places to see. 

First up, Point Reyes Lighthouse. Getting here isn't a hike in number of miles, but it's all on windy roads with sharp turns and steep dropoffs. Plan at least three hours for this adventure, but it's worth every single moment. It's incredibly beautiful! 

Next up, Napa & Sonoma. Josefina and I drove through, stopping at one Napa and one Sonoma vineyard, but you could definitely spend a lifetime in this area of the bay! 

The UC Berkeley campus is absolutely stunning and we loved the buildings that seemed to ebb and flow between modern and storied. Also beautiful is the Botanical Gardens

We also drove through Oakland - wish we'd had more time to see the area! 

Stay tuned for more travel guides! Next up? Portland, Oregon!