Ultimate Pitching Database

Ultimate Pitching Database


I've launched The Ultimate Pitching Database and am giving you the keys to the castle. Inside - a pitching guide, a database to get you started, and a template email for submitting pitches. Yep, that’s right. I’m giving you my own personal database of conferences, podcasts, and PR opportunities to pitch, updated for 2019!

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As you know, at the end of last year, I went on the ultimate pitching sprint - guest blogs, podcasts, speaking gigs, and so much more. Over the past six months, I've gotten so many questions from folks like you (and some of you, specifically!) asking me where to pitch, how to pitch, what to offer, and about a thousand other things. 

Well, after a pitching sprint and six months of "in the field" work, speaking at conferences and working with major brands, I've launched The Ultimate Pitching Resource and am giving you the keys to the castle. 

The Ultimate Pitching Resource launches 6/26 (for $124) and will feature: 

  • Pitching Perfection: a how-to guide for crafting pitch emails and offers for working with brands.
  • The Ultimate Pitching Database: my curated list of guest blog, podcast, and speaker application contacts. 
  • Pitch Deck 101: a line-by-line checklist of what to include in your pitch deck document to share with folks when you land the meeting! 
  • Media Kit Webpage Template:  a line-by-line checklist of what to include on your media kit or speaker webpage (you can check mine out at danniefountain.com/mediakit). 

Separately, these resources sell for $100-$300 either on my website or others' (i.e. the Media Kit Webpage Template and Pitching Perfection will both be available individually in Jessica Rasdall's speaker shop soon and Pitching Perfection was a bonus in The Speaker Blueprint and Meghan Maydel's website launch giveaway), but this is the only time these resources will be available in this discounted bundle.

The bundle will be on sale for one week only (6/26 - 7/3) and then will only be available separately.