Ultimate Pitching Database

Ultimate Pitching Database


I've launched The Ultimate Pitching Database and am giving you the keys to the castle. Inside - a pitching guide, a database to get you started, and a template email for submitting pitches. Yep, that’s right. I’m giving you my own personal database of conferences, podcasts, and PR opportunities to pitch, updated for 2019! Includes:

  • Pitching Perfection: a how-to guide for crafting pitch emails and offers for working with brands.

  • The Ultimate Pitching Database: my curated list of guest blog, podcast, and speaker application contacts.

  • Pitch Deck 101: a line-by-line checklist of what to include in your pitch deck document to share with folks when you land the meeting!

  • Media Kit Webpage Template: a line-by-line checklist of what to include on your media kit or speaker webpage (you can check mine out at danniefountain.com/mediakit).

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