HI, I'm Dannie

who am i? 

I'm a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs and during the day I work at Google. When I'm not in the office, I am collaborating with creative entrepreneurs and corporate clients to strategize and implement marketing processes that will increase their sales and clearly define their lead funnel. My specialty is focusing on passionate storytelling, regardless of industry.

I'm also a multipassionate human (who isn't?). Beyond working in marketing and strategy, I'm also an author, educator, digital nomad, and whip-smart whiskey drinker. I wrote The Side Hustle GalThe Bucketlist Babe, and One Honest Woman (and also co-wrote Big Plan for the Creative Mind). I love to travel the world and I’m always down for an adventure.

I know you need to know my credentials too. I'm a regular guest contributor and speaker on business strategy worldwide. I’ve been quoted in places like Forbes, Bustle, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Digiday, Girlboss, PR News, and more.

Does education matter to you?  If it does, here's mine:

  • BA, Media & Marketing Management (Albion College)

  • MS, Human Resource Management (Indiana Wesleyan University)

  • Certificate, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Stanford University)

  • Current doctoral student pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration in HR

what can you expect?

As an event organizer, you're being pulled in a hundred different directions. Finding your speakers shouldn't be the biggest headache on that list. It's my goal to to provide an enjoyable experience for your audience but also for you! Here is what you can expect:

  • A SEAMLESS PRESENTATION: My first priority is delivering content that is easy to understand and entertaining, but most of all - actionable. I assign homework at the end of every presentation I give and offer audience members the opportunity to email me 1:1 to get feedback on the work they produce. I tailor my presentation specifically to the audience size at your event - and the best part? I come with my own cords, dongles, etc.

  • EASY SPEAKER PREP: Planning an event can be stressful and involves a lot of moving parts. It's my goal to make coordinating presentations and selling tickets as simple as possible pre-event. I also believe in a good post-conference debrief, it helps us understand how things went vs. expectations!

  • BROADEN YOUR NETWORK: I promote each event I’m speaking at to my audience - from Instagram posts to email lists to a dedicated spot linked in my Instagram bio to boost ticket sales.


Below are my current talks. From time to time, I also custom create talks for audiences. Reach out for more information! Looking for a talk that I’ve given previously and have since retired? Reach out and we’ll chat.

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the ins and outs of seo, online ads, and marketing
(my most-requested talk)

After running a business for 11+ years and working at Google for 2+ years, I've learned a lot about what entrepreneurs think is the right way to market and what actually works in terms of SEO, paid ads, online marketing, and more. In this session, I'll break down the harsh realities, outline the most common gaps found in even the most advanced and established online marketing strategies, and provide solutions for an improved experience moving forward. Attendees will learn how to audit their work, determine what strategies work for them, break down KPIs, and get things done.

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pivoting with purpose
(pairs well with my books)

As the "original" Side Hustle Gal and author of the Side Hustle Gal book series, I've seen and done it all - part time, full time, triple time entrepreneurship. Today I work at Google while also running a business and speaking at conferences all over the globe. There is no one right entrepreneurship path, understand how to craft the path that's right for you. We'll explore my journey from side hustler to full time back to side hustler and talk about how to plan for pivots in business - even the unexpected ones.

New for 2020

These topics are new for 2020! This is your chance to snag fresh content that has only been presented in limited capacities previously.

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i was stupid with money (and so are you)

In December 2018, I had $144,000 in debt. Only $80k of that was student loans, the rest was because of idiotic financial decisions - including some debt that was in collections. I’ve paid 61% of it off (as of September 2019 - yes, in nine months) and will be debt free within a year. We’ll spend our time together during this talk discussing my journey into and out of debt, how our emotions mess with our perceptions of money, and how millennials trying to #livetheirbestlife can get smarter about money too.

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multiculturalism in marketing

I am a triple minority – the triple threat of marketing. I proudly embrace the many circles I identify with and lean into my privileges and points of oppression to shed light on marginalized communities, shifting perceptions and expanding mindsets in the process of doing just so. During this session, we’ll work through ways current marketing standards leave out intersectional identities and work together to identify new solutions.

past presentations have taken place at


  • "Everyone has RAVED about your workshop! Thank you for giving so much of you!”

  • "I put your presentation as the most helpful one at the summit and you as my favorite speaker in the survey."

  • "I so enjoyed your presentation, it was One of the best of the conference!

  • I wasn’t even mad that the room was so packed I had to sit on the floor to enjoy it!"

  • I learned everything I needed to learn at this summit from your workshop.”

  • "Dannie Lynn Fountain provided the motivational anchor my conference needed."

  • "Her no fluff, actionable approach was everything."

  • "Dannie is the perfect blend of engaging, articulate, and vulnerable."

  • "Having Dannie [as] a part of my event was one of the best choices I made."

  • “Slay girl, slay! The content was so relevant and powerful. Easily the best presentation of the entire conference!”

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100-WORD BIO: Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing strategist and whip-smart whiskey drinker currently working at Google. She has 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. Today, she works with creative entrepreneurs and corporations to strategize and implement marketing processes to increase their leads and sales. Her specialty is focusing on passionate storytelling, regardless of industry. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of four books and a regular speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship worldwide. She is also the founder of the #sidehustlegal movement. Her work has been recognized by Forbes, Bustle, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Digiday, Girlboss, PR News, and more.


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