How We Went from 52-10.5k Monthly Pinterest Viewers and Why it Doesn't Matter.

Pinterest is becoming a main source of traffic for creative entrepreneurs, but what matters isn’t those monthly views, it’s something else completely. Click through to read what Pinterest lessons you should learn from us. | LE Consulting

Want to know something crazy? In January, we had 52 people look at our Pinterest profile. So far for the month of July? We're at 10,577. We should be doing a happy dance, right? Nope, we're not. Here's why: 




Yeah. Do you see the difference? 10,500 views this month....and on average we only have ONE clickthrough to our website each day. We've added 68 followers since January 1st, which isn't even one per day - in fact, it's one new follower every three days or so. 

Not only do we only have one clickthrough per day on average, our most popular pin (pinned on 379 boards, viewed over 30k times since we originally pinned it six months ago) is a tax prep checklist for entrepreneurs. We don't offer tax prep as a service, we never have. We're in the marketing business, of course! This is why our Pinterest viewership doesn't matter - it's not attracting our ideal client.

What's the lesson to be learned here? Well, there are a couple!

  1. Make sure what you're pinning on Pinterest correlates to your business. Repins and views are great, but if you can't monetize them, then all they do is look pretty.
  2. Make sure what you're pinning on Pinterest drives to a specific and logical page to your website. Once you're pinning content that matters, drive those viewers somewhere awesome! Ideas include a landing page where you collect emails and give away free stuff, a "start here" page that lets those Pinterest visitors know why they should care about you, or a blog post that gives some amazing advice! 

Share your Pinterest lessons with us in the comments below! In case you're curious, here's the magical pin that doesn't matter: