Review: ShePlans Planner

It's the first week of August, which means I've officially been working inside my ShePlans Planner for a full month now. It's also less than a week away from the 2017 pre-order launch for ShePlans! (I'm using the 2016-2017 Mid-Year Edition). I figured this was the best time I could find to talk about my planner, walk you through how I'm using it, and give you some additional thoughts! 


I've absolutely loved diving into my planner. I was always a daily planner girl - I've used Day Designers, Simplified Planners, and even the Start Planner, all in the daily planner layout. As I've gotten more advanced in my business, I found that I was using Google Calendar more but I still wanted that paper planner experience. A weekly layout was the first thing I knew I wanted in my next planner and ShePlans delivers. The weekly layout has just the right amount of space to write out my days, PLUS I still have space for my to-do list and all those other fun extras I've come to love. 

Beyond a weekly layout, I also knew I needed a planner that was small enough to fit in most of my purses but big enough to let me write down all my appointments. ShePlans delivers again! My planner fits inside all but one of my purses (and let's be real - I don't need to take my planner in my crossbody!). 

I also wanted a place where I could do some goal setting. I've always been a fan of the PowerSheets system, so having that on a smaller scale in my planner was important. The ShePlans planner offers a space to list three focus goals at the start of each month and then break down what needs to be done each week to accomplish those goals. In the beginning of the planner, there's also a space to do annual goal setting and even write out my why for choosing those goals. 

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, I needed a planner that had space for notes. I kindof hate carrying around a notebook on top of my planner, so the fact that my ShePlans planner has multiple note taking pages at the end of each month is HUGE for me. 

Next up was a space for me to think about the next year. I'm someone who plans my vacations over a year in advance and I love thinking big. I need a planner that can help me do that! The ShePlans planner has space for me to write down dates for 2017-2018 and even has space for me to start thinking about goals for next year too. 

I've only had my ShePlans planner for a month but I can already say with certainty it's going to be one of my best planning tools this year. The powerhouse combination of Trello, Google Calendar, and ShePlans will definitely keep me organized and on track and I'm incredibly excited about it! 

Want your own ShePlans planner? The 2017 edition opens for presale on August 9th, 2016. Find out more information and download a sample page by visiting