30 by Thirty

Many of you don't know that I'm "only" 22 years old. People hear that and they look at me, bewildered and amazed, wondering how I have a master's degree, wondering how I've been so many places in the world. I wanted to create a 30 by Thirty list to commemorate not only the wonder at where I've been so far, but also the fact that I still have seven and a half years before I turn the big 3-0.

My 30 by Thirty

  1. Visit all seven continents (I've been to four). 
  2. Visit more than fifty countries (I'm currently at 23)
  3. Publish a second book (my first releases September 1st, 2016). 
  4. Drive Scotland's Whisky Trail
  5. Complete the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (are we sensing a theme?)
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. Have one internet-free vacation (yes, the WHOLE THING!)
  8. Play airport roulette
  9. See the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
  10. Experience Cuba's renaissance
  11. Go to a football game (yes, I do mean European soccer)
  12. Get seriously fit
  13. Live abroad for a year
  14. Climb an active volcano
  15. Visit Everest Base Camp 
  16. Spend the night in an underwater or ice hotel
  17. Skydive - more than once
  18. See a Broadway show on Broadway
  19. Volunteer 2,500 hours (I've volunteered 1,500 recorded hours in my life thus far)
  20. Drive cross-country
  21. Visit the Grand Canyon (yes, I've truly never been!)
  22. Try being genuinely kind to someone I dislike
  23. Go to a casino, if only for the atmosphere (I've also never been to a casino!)
  24. Go to Carnival
  25. Participate (in some way) in the Running of the Bulls
  26. Cage dive with sharks (I already have my scuba diving certificate, this will just take some courage!)
  27. Walk at least 1/4 of the Great Wall of China (nearly 100 miles)
  28. Compete in an IronMan relay (swimming portion, naturally)
  29. Learn to forgive
  30. Learn to say no

What's your 30 by Thirty?