Why Saying Thank You Matters

As a nomad, I travel through a lot of different cities (duh). In doing so, I crash on a lot of couches, sleep in a lot of spare bedrooms, and even the occasional camper or two. These free places to crash have saved me a lot of money this year, but I'd be remiss if I wasn't saying thank you.

My friend Kasia has received something like 10 thank you notes from me this year, because I've crashed on her couch that many times. Her boyfriend (John) even knows my favorite Jets' Pizza order by heart. She even sent me this message after one such note arrived: "Getting a thank you note after every visit is so sweet. I think we all need to take more time to both thank and celebrate the people around us and I love that you take the time to make me feel special. When I get a thank you note, it's kind of like having a little piece of you there too." 

My friend Sam (whose dogs I have completely and totally fallen in love with) lets me crash in her spare room from time to time and has this to say about my note writing habits: "Two things everyone loves: sleepovers and snail mail. Having one of your favorite biz buddies crash at your place (complete with online shopping sprees every single time) and then getting a sweet card in the mail after she leaves? Yahtzeeeee."

It doesn't matter if I stay one night or 21 nights (yes, someone was gracious enough to let me sleep 21 nights at their house this year), I send a thank you. 

But here's the thing....sending thank you notes means I have to carry notecards and stamps with me in my already-limited space. I absolutely treasure the ability to show someone some love for participating in my nomad adventure, but I don't want a note to arrive on their doorstep that looks crappy or tattered (or cheap!). 


Enter: Greetabl. The magical little gift company that makes thank you notes so much more fun (and saves me the trouble of carrying around notecards). I'm able to pick out a cute box, write a personal message, and send along a sweet treat for less than $20. It's the perfect way to say thank you that even gives them a sweet reminder of our time together. How's that, you ask? Well, you can even select your favorite Instagram photos to be printed on the inside of the Greetabl


Suffice it to say, I'm obsessed. Considering I'm traveling 250,000 miles this year, there might even be a Greetabl headed to your mailbox soon!