Updated Swim Routine

This morning, I posted a couple Instagram Stories of me headed to the pool. I've mentioned it a few times in the past (and keep joking about doing an Ironman Relay with someone!) and every time I mention it, I get so many DMs. 

I've been working with Drew Kutcher for three months now and swimming is the only workout I consistently stick with (even my favorite Asana Rebel falls to the wayside from time to time). Since I get so many DMs about what I'm up to, I figured I'd break it down for you!

Disclaimer: I am so not a health or fitness professional. This information comes from 7 years of being a competitive swimmer at the secondary school level but has no basis in science. Please ask an actual health or fitness professional (like Drew!) before starting your own workout plan.


I've split my swimming up into two different "styles" and now that I'm back in the St. Joseph area more often, I do these workouts at the Renaissance Athletic Club

for lazy days

I'm not going to lie, the first time I got back in the pool, swimming was ROUGH. I could barely make it through a lap without stopping, which was crazy to me, because I used to swim a mile or two at practice every day (each mile is 80 lengths of your average gym/school pool). To get back in the swing of things, I used this method (and still use it when I'm feeling lazy). 

Warm Up:

4 x 100s (on a 5 minute clock)


10 x 100s (on a 2:30 clock - y'all, I'm no speedster)
5 x 50s (on a 1:15 clock)
6 x 25s (on a 1:00 clock, but I do these at an all-out sprint)

Cool Down: 

Leisurely 200yd swim. 

Total Time / Yds: about 60 minutes, 2000yds

for intense days

I really do have dreams of doing an Ironman relay someday. I could never do the biking or running part, but the swimming part? Heck yeah! When I'm feeling particularly inspired, I go through this workout. This is a modified version of this Ironman workout

Warm Up:

1 x 400yd easy swim


1 x 300 (alternate 50 free/50 non-free)
1 x 200 kick with board
4 x 100s (on a 2:30 clock)
10 x 50 build (on 1:15 clock, get faster throughout each 50, last 5yd hard with no breathing)
1 x 200 (easy backstroke recovery)
1 x LOCO set (800 ladder set: 25 hard, 25 steady, 50 hard, 50 steady, 75 hard, 75 steady, 100 hard, 100 steady, 75 hard, 75 steady, 50 hard, 50 steady, 25 hard, 25 steady.)

Cool Down: 

Leisurely 300yd swim. 

Total Time / Yds : about 60 minutes, 2800yds.

Some days I still say "screw the workout" and just do a straight one or two mile leisurely swim. (On average, a 1-mile swim takes me a little shy of an hour - that's a 3:00 100yd pace, for anyone counting.) I'm super grateful to Drew for getting me back in the gym and excited to be working out at my old stomping grounds at the Renaissance Athletic Club!