Real Talk: Why is Creating a Portfolio Page so Hard?

If you’re a design entrepreneur, then you know the struggles of creating your portfolio page. While you could sit and nitpick over what to or what not to include or whether to include testimonials on your portfolio page, you could just click through to read our post on how to create a portfolio page with ease. | LE Consulting

You've done this amazing work and you want to show it off but you have no idea where to start! Some clients have given permission for full publication, some only for their name(s). How do you balance the two? Read on for our best advice! 

First things first, let's take a look at a couple of our favorite portfolio pages! 


They're all so different! But here's the thing - none of them are the wrong way to create a portfolio page. In fact, the only way to have a "bad" portfolio page is to not have one at all. However, there are definitely some tips and tricks to make sure your portfolio shines as brightly as possible. Let's break these portfolios down! 

  1. What do all of these portfolios have, regardless of design? Yep, that's right. Links to multiple pieces of work. It's absolutely critical that you have at least three-five items to share in your portfolio before going live with a portfolio page. 
  2. What do you want your clients to do after they see your portfolio? Book you, obviously! Check out Think Creative Collective's approach to this - they include a link to the appropriate services page at the bottom of each section of their portfolio. Make sure you have a clear call to action that highlights the appropriate steps. 
  3. What about testimonials? Here at LE Consulting, we actually split our testimonials out from our portfolio. Some businesses list their testimonials on the appropriate sales or service page. Other businesses list their testimonials on the same page as their portfolio. There's no wrong way - just make sure your potential clients know where to find all those rave reviews! 
  4. Should I show logos, names, work, or all three? This is all up to personal preference. Think Creative Collective and Copper Kettle Co. break their portfolio down by logo (or company) and Spruce Rd. breaks theirs down by project. There's no wrong answer here! For us, we break it down both ways - our portfolio page breaks it down by service category and our testimonials/client page breaks it down by names/logos. Take a look at your website and determine the best way to make the page flow and take it from there. 

We hope these portfolio tips and tricks have been helpful! Leave us a comment with a link to yours and a comment on something you struggle with - we'll see if we can help!