Business Changes Are Coming

The greatest part about owning your own business is watching the changes it goes through, like the changes we’re talking about in our own business journey. Continue reading to see how we went from career development to a full service marketing boutique agency for creative entrepreneurs. | LE Consulting

It's been an exciting few weeks here at LE Consulting! We wanted to share some exciting news with you - business successes, a new course, and discontinuing a segment of our services. 

FIRST: April 2016 has been our best month ever and we're just barely half finished with the month! We've done about 1,398% more business (in dollars) over March 2016 and 13,896% more business (in dollars) over April 2015. How did this happen? We took on two new clients that are doing really amazing things with their business.

  • Keithan Hedrick is a lawyer in the Chicago area doing amazing things by creating a community for motivational speaking in order to share a very specific message - See One. Be One. More on this coming soon! 
  • Monique Melton is a creative brand strategist in Maryland with an upcoming three-book launch. We're helping her with marketing and PR on the first book and putting together strategies to help her launch the remaining two as well! She's also speaking at the upcoming Savvy Business Owner's conference as well as a couple others and we'll be working to find her additional exciting speaking opportunities! 

Additionally, we had a number of past clients return to us this month for additional services as well as a few referrals! We're looking forward to seeing what the second half of the month holds for us. 

SECOND: We launched our first course called 5 Days, 30 Ways. It's a five-day email course that delivers strategies and tools for planning for, hiring, and managing a team of people to support your business. It did incredibly well in pre-sales and during first-week sales - we've been incredibly pleased with the performance. We owe a huge thank you to our friends over at Think Creative Collective for helping us promote it prior to the launch. 

FINALLY: We're officially leaving the career business. As many of you know, LE Consulting was original started as a nonprofit venture, creating resumes and cover letters for low income individuals. We really enjoyed helping them and we decided to expand and start growing our business to support those efforts. Today, we still provide career development and resume services but we're a full service boutique marketing agency as well. However, as we've grown the marketing side of our business, we've supported fewer and fewer career clients. As such, we're exiting the career and resume services market. If past clients need assistance with updates, we'll still be providing support, but we won't be taking on any new career clients. It's been exciting being able to support so many incredibly talented professionals land the job of their dreams! 

We're looking forward to the future and we're so pleased to have you here with us on this journey!