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Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One

Y'all know how I feel about entrepreneurship and marketing. I firmly believe that price is no longer the primary motivator in our purchase decisions today, brands also need to deliver on brand promise, gut feel, and various levels of responsibility. As such, you also know that I am a strong believer in brands that do it “right.” Right is the secret sauce of marketing, it’s not a set recipe but rather a method for communication that garners a gut feeling so strong that people can’t help but notice.  We put our dollars where our heart is when a brand captivates us so completely that our technology-age attention span spends more than the customary six seconds experiencing a story. The same can be said when considering what brands to work for or with. Enter Pivot.

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What Type of Mentor Do You Need?

I was in a Facebook group following along with the discussion a few months ago when someone brought up a really good question - what kind of coach or mentor is right for me? Someone else in the group started to break down each type of coach or mentor and I'm here today to break that discussion down further. (Source for the breakdown) This prompted a really great conversation on what kind of mentor or coach you need for your business. 

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