Episode 006 | Andrea Vehige, Andrea Elizabeth Photography & 28Paperclips

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Joining Dannie and Lola on the Self Made Babe Podcast 006 is Andrea Vehige, the photographer behind Andrea Elizabeth Photography and owner of 28Paperclips on Etsy.


  • Marketing for Two Businesses
  • Planning Instagram Content + Content Creation
  • Age as a Factor in Business
  • Deciding Where to Focus Energy on Each Business
  • Being a Photographer with an Etsy Shop
  • Moving As a Young Entrepreneur
  • Creative Outlets Outside of Business
  • Investing in Workshops + Retreats for Your Businesses
  • Meeting Creatives Who Get You
  • Knowing Your Worth + Pricing
  • Turning Point to Start her Business + Choosing Wedding Photography
  • Building Relationships with Other Creatives



I’m a firm believer in taking chances and the thrill of entrepreneurship. But I'm not alone in my belief because my grandpa started a racetrack, my parents own a business, and my sister runs an Etsy store as well. I guess you could say business runs in the blood because I’ve decided to follow my dreams with all I’ve got.

Instead of going to college, I decided to travel the world and become a photographer. For the past few years, I’ve experienced different cultures and countries around the globe, and--unlike other people my age--I took a chance. Photography allows me to express my creativity and be my own boss, both of which are important to me.

I’m not just a girl with a camera. I really care about my clients and I shoot weddings because I love LOVE and I’m there to document their special day in a unique way based on my experiences. If you’d like to learn more about who I am and my photography, contact me or follow me on social media!


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