Episode 008 | Jessica Charuk, Charuk Studios

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Joining Dannie and Lola on the Self Made Babe Podcast 008 is Jessica Charuk, photographer and videographer behind Charuk Studios. Charuk Studios is a boutique film and photography studio that works with entrepreneurs to create custom imagery that best represents their style and brand.


  • Approaching Her 1 Year Business Anniversary
  • What She Is Working On: Adding Brand Films Into Her Portfolio + Photos
  • Marketing On Things That She Owns and Branching Out
  • Wanting To Do Speaking Gigs + Tips and Tricks
  • Membership Site Brainstorming + Content Pushing
  • Her Marketing Strategy: Crafting a VIP Experience and Not Devaluing Your Premium Services
  • Staying Genuine + Knowing The Value Of Your Time
  • Overwhelm, Anxiety, + Stress As A Business Owner
  • Saying Yes To Things You Actually Care About
  • Evaluating All Your Feelings vs. Quitting
  • Creating A Good Schedule to Learn Where You Are Spending Your Time
  • Having A Team + Outsourcing
  • Setting Business Boundaries



From an early age Jessica had an undying love for art and wanted to pursue a career in a creative field. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University and soon after landed a job to work in the marketing department at a Canadian fashion retailer.

She met and worked alongside various creative entrepreneurs and learned that her dream had always been to be creative, and also connect with people on a deeper level. She loved photography and film, but was also wildly passionate about helping creative souls achieve success in their own business. Jessica then traded in the traditional 9-5 office job to design her dream business. This was the start of Charuk Studios.

Charuk Studios is a boutique film and photography studio that works with entrepreneurs to create imagery that represents their style and message. The imagery Jessica creates is both beautiful and strategic in order to resonate with a brand’s audience and differentiate them in their market. Her experience in fashion, marketing and photography allow her to create high quality visuals that also communicate a story.

Her journey has only begun, and not after experiencing many self-limiting beliefs. Jessica continues to share about her lessons as a new entrepreneur with her audience of fellow girl bosses. She is on a journey to find her purpose in life and use her creative talents to help other business owners achieve their dreams.


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