Episode 204 | Nadine Fonseca of Mighty Kind

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Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Nadine Fonseca of Mighty Kind.

We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once!


  • Turning a daydream to a successful side hustle.

  • How different cultures appreciate volunteerism.

  • Balancing children and your side hustle.

  • Separating me time, work life and home life.


I'm stubborn. Some days it pays off and some it doesn't. I dreamt of being a wife, mother, and successful career woman. The reality of trying to juggle those things nearly crushed me for 10 years. I've felt like a failure more often than not, but being stubborn got me through. I've been married 8 years and had four kids before I hit 30. I've launched 6 business and had more nervous breakdowns than I care to count, but my stubbornness gets me through. You see, deeply rooted in my heart is a mission to make a difference for my family, myself, and the world. I have no doubt I will if I want nothing else more. And I'll be damned if I don't have my way!


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