Episode 207 | Alex Torres of The Latina Connection


Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Alex Torres of The Latina Connection

We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once!


  • Balancing motherhood and a business can be hard

  • You can learn from your clients too - it’s not just a one way street

  • Find self care that works for you - doesn’t have to be the trendy ‘bubble bath’ kind



Alex Torres is a Manifestation Chingona, Speaker, Life Coach, and creator of The Latina Connection.

She experienced many challenges growing up that made it hard to trust and believe there was more to life. She has learned how to turn her chaos into confidence and now she helps other women develop the spiritual and practical tools so that they can become their best self and help others along the way.

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