Episode 211 | Kait Masters of Rising Tide Society + Kait Masters

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Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Kait Masters of Rising Tide Society + Kait Masters

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  • We learn a bit about Kait’s side hustle and all the places she has worked

  • What mom life + business life looks like together

  • How + Why organization is key when balancing multiple jobs

  • What advice she gives for getting started with business

  • Why boundaries are important

  • How chronic health conditions can impact business

  • Why being vulnerable can create connection + Why connection is so important for community



Kait Masters studied painting at a small liberal arts school on the North Shore of Massachusetts. After living in Maryland and South Carolina after school, she moved across the country and now reside in Gig Harbor, Washington with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog #rytherescue.

Her work is gestural, atmospheric, and a little contemplative—each piece is a momentary narrative. It settles somewhere between impressionist and abstract, and is almost always inspired by nature and travel. Her work is a quiet celebration of the beauty around us.

When not painting, she is the Community Support Manager at HoneyBook + Rising Tide.

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