Episode 214 | Jackie Murawski of XOXO Invites

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Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Jacqueline Murawski of XOXO Invites.

We believe in accessible content and that anyone who wants to learn from this content should be able to. In order to support this, we’ve had every episode of Season 3 transcribed. The transcriptions are available here - you can access them by episode name or read/print the whole document to get all the information at once!


  • How important family is to Jackie + Running a business with a family

  • How to interact with our friends and clients that are not in the same area as you are

  • How design still fires her up

  • What she has learned in business + What her business is currently struggling with

  • What her biggest dream for her entrepreneur community



Our Mission at XOXO Invites is to offer businesses and individuals custom designed invitations that are unique and tailored to their special occasion or event. Here at XOXO Invites we want our customers to feel like family and we are dedicated to providing our clients a welcoming and professional environment as we continually strive to offer our clients the most customized experience to ensure their invitations exceed their expectations. We understand that each of our clients are unique in their own way and want to celebrate that uniqueness to the fullest.

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