Episode 216 | Melissa Varela of Elevate.

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Today Dannie and Caitlyn are talking with Melissa Varela of Elevate.

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  • How to create footing in a male dominated industry

  • What influenced her to identify her ideal client

  • How to keep your side hustle consistent cross country move

  • The importance of boundaries in your Side Hustle

  • The importance of a morning routine to help with creativity

  • Why creating a plan will help you move forward in business + avoid burnout

  • What advice she would give to help with work/life balance



Melissa Varela is the founder of Elevate, a Social Media and Creative Consultancy based in San Diego. Melissa uses her vast industry experience to help small businesses harness the power of social media. Prior to establishing Elevate, Melissa worked as a Receptionist/Executive Assistant for over 10 years. It was during this tenure that she familiarized herself with all aspects of business in general. Being in love with entrepreneurship her whole life, in 2017 Melissa started Elevate, and became a self-taught social media manager. She went on to make a name for herself incorporating her event planning skills with social media management and marketing. In 2018, Melissa moved her now thriving consultancy to San Diego which led her to dominate a new market, and within a month of arriving in San Diego she was offered a role as a Marketing Manager at a healthcare startup. Melissa attributes the major career leap to her shifted mindset after she started her own business. Before relocating to San Diego, Melissa worked with female entrepreneurs and small business owners in the New Jersey local area and that is when her career began to rise to new heights. When Melissa is not making connections and delivering results, she spends time wine tasting, hiking, and listening to the waves crash at the beach.  

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